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[Reading] ➹ Slay By Brittney Morris –

SlayBy Day, Seventeen Year Old Kiera Johnson Is An Honors Student, A Math Tutor, And One Of The Only Black Kids At Jefferson Academy But At Home, She Joins Hundreds Of Thousands Of Black Gamers Who Duel Worldwide As Nubian Personas In The Secret Multiplayer Online Role Playing Card Game, SLAY No One Knows Kiera Is The Game Developer, Not Her Friends, Her Family, Not Even Her Boyfriend, Malcolm, Who Believes Video Games Are Partially Responsible For The Downfall Of The Black Man But When A Teen In Kansas City Is Murdered Over A Dispute In The SLAY World, News Of The Game Reaches Mainstream Media, And SLAY Is Labeled A Racist, Exclusionist, Violent Hub For Thugs And Criminals Even Worse, An Anonymous Troll Infiltrates The Game, Threatening To Sue Kiera For Anti White Discrimination Driven To Save The Only World In Which She Can Be Herself, Kiera Must Preserve Her Secret Identity And Harness What It Means To Be Unapologetically Black In A World Intimidated By Blackness But Can She Protect Her Game Without Losing Herself In The Process

[Reading] ➹ Slay By Brittney Morris –
  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • Slay
  • Brittney Morris
  • English
  • 26 April 2017
  • 9781534445420

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    I need books about gamer girls in my life and a badass black gamer girl who creates her own video game and takes some racist POS to task YES PLEASE.

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    I mean, I think it s pretty cool.

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    UMM THIS COVER IS FIIIIIRE AND HELL YEAH TO GIRLS WEARING GLASSES ON COVERS O This is inspired by Black Panther and sounds so awesome that I m just a bunch of exclamation points right now re

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    I was privileged enough to beta read this novel as is was getting sent to publishers I was delighted to learn that it found a home with Simon Pulse and that readers will have the opportunity to read this wonderful book Slay is fresh, exciting, and perfectly placed in time when the discussion of what safe spaces are and who deserves them is taking place nationally and internationally Hundreds of thousands of people have found a safe place in the video gam...

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    tl dr I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BOOK My inner gamer nerd is over the a Black teenager not one of the central protagonists is murdered the violence is not described.GAMER NERDI ve been gaming since Atari and Sierra games on the Apple IIgs One of the magical things Morris has done with this glorious gamer nerd book is make me repeatedly nostalgic for so many of my favourite games over the years my first LPMud, Asheron s Call, Aion, some of the truly excellent releases of World of Warcraft, while also providing an inspiring vision of what VR MMORPGs can be in general and also specifically what they can be without ubiquitous toxic racism and troll culture I also felt that wonderful intense immersion in reading this that I feel with a truly great game I lost any sense that I was reading a page during the gaming interludes.Sex positive and queer friendlySex positive culture As a queer reader, I also really appreciated that anytime relationships were generally mentioned like with the in game Black Love card heteronormative language was avoided I grew up in Kansas having to walk through Westboro ...

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    This book was not made for me, but that s okay that s kind of the point As a white person, I m so very rarely the person on the outside looking in, and so it s good and important and wonderful that I felt that way while reading this I m meant to be aware that I m in a space not built specifically for me So when I say, yeah, I absolutely adored this bookI can only begin to imagine how this book feels for black readers SLAY digs into some incredibly difficult topics, but does so with poise and care It s stressful and poignant, full of moments of humor and moments of unbearable sadness The characters are fully real and wonderful The world is true and harsh and soft too both the real world and the virtual one Kiera has created within the book The connections forged between the chapters and the characters are beautiful to watch intertwine, and by the ...

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    That was cool SLAY has some good themes and I enjoyed the gaming aspect However, some of the execution was unfulfilling, mainly when it came to Malcolm s storyline Based on generally positive feelings toward this book, my rating for the book is 4 star However, if I m being objective, the rating leans toward 3.5 stars There are s...

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    How do I give this book than 5 stars Thank you Queen Brittney Morris.

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    We are a diaspora We span hundreds of shades, religions, traditions, and cultural nuances If you don t understand what some of these cards mean, blame the slave trade I had a lot of feelings about this book, almost all of them mixed, but I came to the conclusion that although this book is for me in some ways, in many ways it is not I m a black, queer woman and over time I have come to terms with each of those identities separately and as a whole It took a while, all of high school and college, which is why I m not the target demographic for this book The target is black teenage girls who are still learning to navigate their identity as black women and places for them in the world This book shows them that they can be awesome video game creating, video game playing women that they can just be themselves and not speak for their race on every little subject and that they don t have to put up with friends or people who ask them to It ousts respectability politics and shows black people, and all people really, that there aren t only certain types of paths that lead to black excellence but rather that if you are black and doing great things, whatever that means to you, you are black excellence So I enjoyed it for those reasons At the same time, it felt like Morris was trying to define every facet of blackness but in a way that appealed to...

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