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☆ If Only I Could Tell You PDF / Epub ✩ Author Hannah Beckerman –

If Only I Could Tell YouHannah Beckerman Pens A Life Affirming Novel That Tells The Story Of A Family Divided And The Secret That Can Possibly Unite Them A Must For Fans Of This Is Us.Audrey Knows That Life Is Filled With Ups And Downs, But She Can T Help Feeling Like She S Been Dealt Than Her Fair Share As She S Watched Her Family Come Undone Over The Years Her Dream As A Mother Had Been For Her Daughters, Jess And Lily, To Be As Close As Only Sisters Can Be But Now As Adults, They No Longer Speak To Each Other, And Audrey S Two Teenage Granddaughters Have Never Met Even Upsetting Is The Fact That Audrey Has No Idea How To Fix Her Family As She Wonders If They Will Ever Be Whole Again.If Only Audrey Had Known Three Decades Ago That A Secret Could Have The Power To Split Her Family In Two, But Ironically, Also Keep Them Linked And When Hostilities Threaten To Spiral Out Of Control, A Devastating Choice That Was Made So Many Years Ago Is About To Be Revealed, Testing Once And For All Audrey And Those She Loves.Is It Too Late For One Broken Family To Heal And Find Their Way Back To Each Other A Beautiful Novel Of Mothers And Daughters, The Bonds Of Family, And The Secrets That Can Sometimes Divide Us Yet Also Bring Us Together, If Only I Could Tell You Will Remain On Your Mind Long After The Last Page Is Turned.

☆ If Only I Could Tell You PDF / Epub ✩ Author Hannah Beckerman –
  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • If Only I Could Tell You
  • Hannah Beckerman
  • English
  • 22 July 2018
  • 9780062890542

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    A very intriguing start Sisters Jess and Lily are getting ready for school when Lily goes into the spare room which she was asked not to We don t know what she sees but it causes the sisters to be estranged for years to come I m so pleased, I had thought I had this all worked out and I was so wrong We then move forwards 28 years and Audrey is moving into her daughter Jess s house as she is dying Audrey s last wish would be for her daughters to be reconciled But can it be fixed The title If only I could tell you was so apt Imagine thinking you saw something, you keep it a secret only to find out that you had misconstrued it A secret that has affected the whole family with heartbreaking consequences.For me reading this was an emotional ride, it is so beautifully and compassionately written that it will capture you re heart and attention from start to finish Definitely read this with the tissues nearby, you made me laugh and you made me cry, you also made me think about siblings that I have not been in touch with for a while and how life is too short, so grab life with both hands and enjoy it This book incorporates so much, grief, loss, friendship, love, basically it has highs and lows than a rollercoaster but is not all doom and gloom The tension is kept...

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    Trigger warning this book talks about serious illness, miscarriage, suicide If Only I Could Tell You is a book everyone talked about still in 2018, even though it officially came out few days ago.Many bloggers said it will be on most people favourite lists for 2019, how emotional and touching it was, and now when the book is released, it s Goodreads page is full of positive, 5 and 4 stars reviews.I am aware that I am in minority here, but I have to say I didn t like this story as much as others I mean, I do appreciate it, and I do think it was a touching story that talks about so many serious subjects that happen every day and need to be talked about, but I needed some hope from it.I read books to feel better I am aware that life is not beautiful, and I also like to read serious book, and hard books, but I like when books have at least one positive thing in the story, a little silver lining hidden between pages.This book had none.It was like a punch in the face filled with all the negative things life can bring, with one tragedy after another And just when the story punched me so hard I was mentally lying on the floor, and I needed that last hope towards the end, it kicked me once again and walked away Okay, I know I m exaggerating,...

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    I should not have started this book before bedtime because then bedtime ended up being 4am with an alarm set so I could wake up and immediately finish reading this This book covers so much Family, friendship, love, loos, grief and honesty I really didn t know which direction this book was going to turn in next, there is just so much depth and so many hidden messages throughout the novel I loved the family featured in the novel Audrey is mother to Lily and Jess and grandmother to Mia Jess s daughter and Phoebe Lily s daughter I love the fact that Audrey s pattern of two daughters is repeated with her having two granddaughters They live so close to each other and yet are so far apart in so many ways Although Audrey is the lynch pin of the story, the majority of the time we either see things from Jess s perspective or Lily s but we do sometimes have an Audrey narrative as well, just to add another layer to the events that unfold There is so much grief and loss in this novel in so many different ways and I love the fact that this author shows how loss can affect people so differently and in just so many ways that may not become clear until a long while after the fact We know that it can affect life choices and either bring people together or drive them apart And then there is the loss that we can experience even when nobody has died, the loss that w...

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    Audrey has two daughters, Lily and Jess who have not spoken to each other for years Lily and Jess have two daughters close in age but now teenagers, the cousins, Phoebe and Mia, a have never been allowed to meet and get to know each other An event from the past and a secret held has shattered this family After her recent diagnose Audrey knows time is running out for her She is determined to try and bring her daughters together before she dies Is it possible to heal the hurts of the past Especially when she has no idea what initially caused the seismic chasm between Jess and Lily.The story starts in 1988 with the event that shatters the relationship between the two sisters What could have possibly happened It is only as the story moves into 2016 and back again to other events in the past that the full extent of what happened on that Thursday morning is revealed More than one secret emerges over the time The characters are well developed if not always likeable The events that transpire may raise thought provoking issues for the ...

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    It is with a heart laden with sadness and eyes soaked in tears, I write this difficult review If you ever want to read a book which makes you cry read thisIf you ever want to feel deep melancholy read thisIf you ever want to feel a mother s love read thisIf you ever want to feel sisters hate for 28 years read thisIf you ever want to see sisters bonding read thisIf you ever want to read about family and strength read this A dying mother and estranged sisters due to a misunderstanding 28 years ago caused the family to break apart A beautiful, poignant book by Hannah Beckerman, depicted the sisters, Tess and Lily, connected by grief and anger, each going through life missing the other, with the mother Audrey caught in between Till she was diagnosed to have a few months to live and wanting her two daughters become sisters again was her only wish Hannah s writing made the scenes come alive, sadness was palpable in the depth of emotions One moment...

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    After finding out she has terminal cancer, Audrey, than ever, wants her daughters to rebuild their relationship after becoming estranged 28 years previous.Lily, still does not know the reason Jess hates her Bridges need to be built bu...

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    How can a family estrangement last for nearly 30 years Audrey would like to know the answer Her two daughters have been estranged ever since 10 year old Jess stopped speaking to elder sister Lily even their own children have never been allowed to get to know each other Now Audrey has her own battle to face and her dearest wish is for her family to come together again The problem is that because she doesn t know what caused the divide, she doesn t know how to fix it.Told from the perspectives of Audrey, Jess and Lily, the story switches back and forth from the present to significant years in each of their lives There is much in the way of secrets, sadness, resentments and unfulfilled dreams all of which gradually come to light.Reading If Only was a fully immersive experience I adore Hannah Beckerman s writing She writes beautifully with each sentence being carefully constructed and so emotionally charged Each character was superbly drawn from single mother Jess trying to juggle a time demanding job with family responsibilities with career focussed Lily who never seems to have time for anyone Their typically strong willed and outspoken teenage daughters, Mia and Phoebe who are far perceptive than their families give them credit for and finally Audrey who has regrets and sadness of her own.Many reviewers have said that this ...

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    OMG I loved this book There aren t many books that I start reading and by chapter 3 I can t stop thinking about the characters but If Only I Could Tell You is definitely one of them.This book covers everything you need for a heart warming, heart breaking story Family, friendship, love, guilt, lies, grief, honesty, deception, bravery, acceptance and fear.The story revolves around Audrey, a mother to 2 grown up women Jess and Lily, each with a daughter of their own However Jess and Lily haven t spoken in over 30 years and the family are in literally in pieces Audrey s final wish is to reunite her daughters and heal the r...

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    As a mum this book broke my heart into so many pieces that I m surprised I didn t miss one when I pieced it back together again It struck such a personal chord with me as I have three very headstrong, feisty and opinionated daughters my fault for raising them not to be quiet little pushovers like me and when they fall out it is a major war zone and I m caught in the middle of all the drama It s hard for me to remain impartial and show that I am there for everyone but, thankfully, it usually passes within a few days and they are friends again So I really felt for Audrey who was also caught between her two daughters especially when I realised that whatever they had fallen out about had caused a rift that had lasted for over thirty years How dreadful it must be for anyone caught up in such a long standing family estrangement especially a mother But it was the reason for this family fallout that really frustrated me What on earth could have caused a young girl to refuse to talk to her sister for such a long time The answer is one that, when it comes, will fill you with many emotions so be prepared I adored Audrey from the moment I met her Having to choose between her daughters was never an option for her so she continued to have completely separate relationships with ...

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    I was very lucky and honoured to receive an exclusive signed proof from the very first print run of If Only I Could Tell You This is a book that I ve been looking forward to for a long long time.To be honest, I m struggling to find the words to describe just how much this book has affected me With themes that have felt very personal to me at the moment, at times I found it quite difficult However, the writing and the story line are just so very very beautiful that I found myself becoming comforted by it, despite the absolute tragedy within the story it is incredibly powerful and so very moving.This is the story of a family, and how long held beliefs can affect relationships and feelings The author takes two sisters Lily and Jess and allows her readers to gain such an insight into their lives, yet there is one tragic event that both binds these women together, but also has broken them Not only are they broken, but their whole family are shattered by it The rippling effects of the waves made by what happened with Jess was ten years old and Lily was sixteen have informed every decision that they ve made since.Hannah Beckerman has structured this novel im...

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