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[Download] ✤ Criers War (Criers War, #1) ➸ Nina Varela –

Criers War (Criers War, #1) After The War Of Kinds Ravaged The Kingdom Of Rabu, The Automae, Designed To Be The Playthings Of Royals, Usurped Their Owners Estates And Bent The Human Race To Their Will.Now Ayla, A Human Servant Rising In The Ranks At The House Of The Sovereign, Dreams Of Avenging Her Family S Death By Killing The Sovereign S Daughter, Lady Crier.Crier Was Made To Be Beautiful, Flawless, And To Carry On Her Father S Legacy But That Was Before Her Betrothal To The Enigmatic Scyre Kinok, Before She Discovered Her Father Isn T The Benevolent King She Once Admired, And Most Importantly, Before She Met Ayla.Now, With Growing Human Unrest Across The Land, Pressures From A Foreign Queen, And An Evil New Leader On The Rise, Crier And Ayla Find There May Be Only One Path To Love War.

[Download] ✤ Criers War (Criers War, #1)  ➸ Nina Varela –
  • ebook
  • 448 pages
  • Criers War (Criers War, #1)
  • Nina Varela
  • English
  • 04 November 2019
  • 9780062823960

    10 thoughts on “[Download] ✤ Criers War (Criers War, #1) ➸ Nina Varela –

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    This book is an f f slow burn enemies to lovers YA fantasy with the most beautiful cover Me SLAMS FIST ON DESK NOW THAT S THE SHIT I LIKE TO SEE

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    F f slowburn enemies to lovers romance in a fantasy world might fuck around and break into HarperCollins to nick a copy

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    review can also be found on my blog representation lesbian mc s, f f romance, ownvoices authorAt the beginning of the Automae era, human Queen Thea who cannot bear children commissions her people to build her a child One who can replicate every aspect of human life A seemingly impossible request is manufactured, where individuals are Made, with Four Pillars Reason, Calculation, Organics, and Intellect However, this ignites a vicious war between the humans and the Automades, who rise to power and enslave the remaining humans Crier is an Automade and the daughter of Hesod, the sovereign She s engaged to Scrye Kinok, but wishes to attain power and leadership herself However, a possible, compassionate flaw in her design alters her disposition to humans She doesn t abhor their Kind as her father and betrothed do Ayla is a human who s had everything taken from her by the Automades, except the cherished locket she keeps around her neck at all times She s currently a servant at the House of Sovereign and desires revenge against the tyrant Hesod Ayla determines this can be achieved by killing his daughter, Crier However, their li...

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    You want girls loving girls Agonizing slow burn A hate to love arc that will tear out your damn heart READ THIS BOOK I m a total mess right now and this book is the cause CRIER S WAR is a lyrical, romantic debut that keeps you guessing at every turn Just when you think you know where the story is going it flips the lid, and it feels effortless the way Varela handles these themes the consequences of clinging to hatred, the cost of war, and what it means to really be human And oh yeah, it s not afraid to be gay as hell.Reading this was like being caught up in a fever dream I couldn t get over the atmosphere The masterful worldbuilding The romance The tension The story just got better and bette...

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    I actually started it yesterday but forgot to update this Anyway, I m only 10% in but I already added it to my favs so go preorder it or whatever Also, follow the author on

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    ARC provided in exchange for honest review

  7. says:

    f f fantasy And look at all the details on that cover

  8. says:

    the f f slow burn fantasy book my queer ass has always needed and wanted and craved.

  9. says:

    so it s an f f fantasy i m already hooked but this is also giving me a bit of humans the tv show vibes

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    i m always here for fantasy romances that involve kissing and knives

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