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[Ebook] ↠ Dear Haiti, Love Alaine Author Maika Moulite –

Dear Haiti, Love AlaineCo Written By Sisters Maika And Maritza Moulite, And Told In Epistolary Style Through Letters, Articles, Emails, And Diary Entries, This Exceptional Debut Novel Captures A Sparkling New Voice And Irrepressible Heroine In A Celebration Of Storytelling Sure To Thrill Fans Of Nicola Yoon, Ibi Zoboi And Jenna Evans Welch When A School Presentation Goes Very Wrong, Alaine Beauparlant Finds Herself Suspended, Shipped Off To Haiti And Writing The Report Of A Lifetime You Might Ask The Obvious Question What Do I, A Seventeen Year Old Haitian American From Miami With Way Too Little Life Experience, Have To Say About Anything Actually, A LotThanks To The Incident Don T Ask , I M Spending The Next Two Months Doing What My School Is Calling A Spring Volunteer Immersion Project It S Definitely No Vacation I M Toiling Away Under The Ever Watchful Eyes Of Tati Estelle At Her New Nonprofit And My Lean In Queen Of A Mother Is Even Here To Make Sure I Do Things Right Or She Might Just Be Lying Low To Dodge The Media Sharks After A Much Public Incident Of Her Own And To Hide A Rather Devastating SecretAll Things Considered, There Are Some Pretty Nice Perks Like Flirting With Tati S Distractingly Cute Intern, Getting Actual Face Time With My Mom And Experiencing Haiti For The First Time I M Even Exploring My Family S History Which Happens To Be Loaded With Betrayals, Superstitions And Possibly Even A Family CurseYou Know, Typical Drama But It S Nothing I Can T Handle

[Ebook] ↠ Dear Haiti, Love Alaine Author Maika Moulite –
  • Hardcover
  • 432 pages
  • Dear Haiti, Love Alaine
  • Maika Moulite
  • English
  • 06 December 2019
  • 9781335777096

    10 thoughts on “[Ebook] ↠ Dear Haiti, Love Alaine Author Maika Moulite –

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    There were two reasons I wanted to read this book The first being I just really adore the book cover I was also interested in Haiti as the book setting as it s not one I ve come across very often in my fiction reads I m happy to say this book is really something special and if you love YA fiction I highly recommend checking it out Seventeen year old Alaine Beauparlant messed up She messed up big time In order not to be expelled from her private school, she agrees to spend the next few months in the country her parents grew up in, Haiti, where she will participate in a spring volunteer immersion project She will be staying with her aunt and her mother who fled to Haiti after a rather unfortunate public incident of her own While Alaine is in Haiti she will learn some history not just about the country but also her family She also will have to deal with her mother s big news.While the book is over 400 pages, it is actually a pretty quick read One of the reasons for that might be how the story is told in a unique way It s a fun combination of regular old narrative, emails, postcards, notes, diary entries and even parts of Alaine s school assignment And despite switching around from different methods of moving the story along, I still thought it had a nice flow.There is just something about Alaine that just resonated with me I loved how she appeared to be brimming with self confidence but yet could be just as awkward and unsure like most teenagers Without getting into spoilers I thought the issues Alaine dealt with regarding her mother were presented in a realistic way and was yet another reason I felt invested in the story And while the story itself might have a few flaws I wasn t digging some of the curse storyline , there really is something special about this book I love how it was written by two sisters and how they gave readers an opportunity to learn some things about Haiti Put this on your tbr list if you enjoy YA fiction Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a review copy

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    This book was amazing The plot was well fleshed out and the locations beautifully described.I loved the different mediums this story was delivered inhand written letters, emails, texts, blog posts, news articles journal entries are just some of the ways they reveal the tale.Alaine was strong, funny, sarcastic and completely relatable A perfect MC.Much love to Maika Maritza Moulite for my signed ARC received at BookCon.If this is your debutI am so excited to see what else you two put out there

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    LOL Finally doing this I absolutely love this book Easily, easily one of the best books I have read this year and one of the best in terms of Caribbean representation in YA I love Alaine, who is such a sarcastic, witty narrator, and I love Celeste and the Dad I forgot the Dad s name but he coo too, LOL I love how seamlessly the sisters blend their writing styles It feels cohesive, as though they were meant to write together their whole lives Haiti felt like it s own character, from the Kreyol proverbs to the description of the topography, the country comes alive and is not tokenized This was a huge deal for me I love Haitian culture and history and I am pleased to say that the sisters got it right Their love for their country translates very well on page and makes for a great story If I had a baby sister I would definitely gift her a copy of Dear Haiti This book is simply flawless and I hope it gets all the love and attention it deserves Buy it Buy it Buy it

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestOh man, you guys I wanted to love this book I thought it did some great things, which I ll be talking about shortly, but it also came across as a bit of a disorganized mess DEAR HAITI, LOVE ALAINE sounded so promising The heroine, Alaine, goes to a private religious school She s of Haitian heritage, and her mother is a famous reporter known for her looks and her edge Everything falls apart when her mother assaults a politician on TV, triggering something called Slapgate Naturally, all the ignorant opportunists at her school take this as the perfect occasion for bullying, and when Alaine decides to enact her revenge, her shenanigans result in suspension, and a plane trip to Haiti to help out her aunt with her nonprofit, as well as relax with her mom, who apparently has Alzheimer s.I think the biggest problem with this book, for me, is that it doesn t have much of a plot Alaine gets in trouble and is sent to Haiti to find herself and reprioritize It actually has a very similar plot to LOVE FROM A TO Z, except that book did a better job tackling chronic degenerative illness, and the teen romance in it felt not obligatory, but a natural progression of the characters shared interests and goals DEAR HAITI, LOVE ALAINE is largely character driven, but we don t really know much about the other characters beyond what s thrown at us in info dumps, and the whole family curse thing was weird.I did like the Haitian rep and how Alaine had natural hair There s some good commentary buried in here about colonialism and racism, including how donations can actually sometimes hurt the nations they re trying to help free food is really hard on the income that local farmers make , which might sound counterintuitive at first, but makes sense when you really think about it I liked Alaine s mom, Celeste, a lot and sympathized with her struggle I thought it would have been interesting to hear from her, and wished the book had been written from her perspective Roselind had such a devastating history but, again, she felt mostly like a vehicle for the whole curse subplot.For people who like the prankster Meg Cabot brand of heroines who act out for no reason and embrace the consequences they receive from adults like prizes at a show, you ll probably enjoy DEAR HAITI, LOVE ALAINE However, if you re looking for something serious, this book is probably not for you, as it tries a little too hard to be light, given the subject matter As always, I encourage you to check out the Kindle sample and see for yourself if this book is to your taste Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review 2 stars

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    If you re thinking I m just adding this book to my TBR because of the gorgeous black girl on the cover, then you are correct That synopsis is kind of hard to resist too

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    3.5 starsDear Haiti, Love Alaine had as much promo at the ALA19 as Frankly in Love, and, for me, Moulite sisters debut was a better fit.When it comes to contemporary YA, the voice and the POV are everything I personally have very little interest left in me for cafeteria drama and such Dear Haiti, Love Alaine offered me something that I hadn t yet seen in YA, and in a package that appeals to me.Alaine is the only daughter of divorced parents of Haitian descent Both her parents are wealthy her father is a psychiatrist and her absent mother is a famous political reporter When Alaine s mom, Celeste, becomes the center of a big controversy slapgate and when Alaine herself gets into a drama of a slightly different, but still outrageous, kind at school, both Alaine and Celeste travel back to Haiti to lick their wounds Like many debut novels, Dear Haiti, Love Alaine tries to do a lot, too much, if you ask me Haitian history, politics, family curse, voodoo, Alzheimer s, magical realism Plus, it does so using epistolary format a collection of diary entries, school projects, emails, texts, letters I happen to love this kind of books although it s been done effectively elsewhere And I was enormously entertained by everything that went on in Alaine s life Learning about Haiti, even though from the POV of a very privileged person, was exciting and new Now onto the negative I ve read critical reviews of this novel, and while I don t disagree with the criticisms of messiness, it doesn t bother me What needs refection, IMO, is the fact that Dear Haiti, Love Alaine tries to address the issue of class inequality in Haiti, but it fails to truly acknowledge Alaine s and her family s privilege and the extent Haitian elite s exploitation of the country s poor population Let s be honest, the reward for Alaine s community survice in Haiti is entirely undeserved, it s a travesty even There is a bigger issue inside Dear Haiti, Love Alaine that the authors didn t address head on Maybe they ll do it better in their next book I will certainly read it.

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    Dear Haiti, Love Alaine is a contemporary novel following a girl who is the daughter of divorced Haitian immigrants living in the US, and it s set both in the United States and in Haiti.I am always looking for novels set outside the US, especially ones written by authors who have lived there or have ties with the country they re writing about, because American books, despite being read translated and not worldwide, always prioritize the white American perspective Dear Haiti, Love Alaine was exactly what I wanted it s a story about a girl who is the daughter of immigrants as she visits Haiti for the first time and meets the rest of her family, learns about her family history, and also gets to know both Haiti and her mother This book shows Haiti as a place that isn t a stereotype, but a country with its own history, culture, flaws and good aspects.What stood out to me about this book first was Alaine herself I loved her narrative voice, the way she uses humor to connect with people and to protect herself at the same time, and I could feel her passion for journalism And she grows so much during this novel I also really liked reading about her relationship with her mother, who has been distant for most of Alaine s life, and who has now been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer s The way Alaine tries to deal with that felt very realistic to me, and it was heartbreaking at times.My feelings on the mixed media format are less positive On one hand, I loved that this was told through diary entries, parts of school projects, tweets, blog posts and emails On the other hand, the poor formatting of the eARC meant that at times these were either unreadable or missing, which significantly affected my reading experience.Another thing that didn t work for me as much as I hoped was the plot I would have loved this book had it focused mostly on Alaine and her mother s relationship, but it didn t there are a lot of side and minor characters so many that who is that again is a reaction I had multiple times during this book and a lot of side plots, involving embezzlement, a maybe romance, and a family curse I also felt that some characters that were relevant in the first half of the novel were barely there in the second, like Alaine s dad and I liked reading about him , or Alaine s friend, who completely disappears.Overall, I do recommend this, but I think it s the kind of novel that works better in a physical format.

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    I received this book via NetGalley This did not affect my rating or review Dear Haiti, Love Alaine follows seventeen year old Haitian American Alaine Alaine lives in Miami with her father and has a famous mother who is a reporter living in Washington, D.C Alaine is what I think most people would call too much She is definitely intelligent and it seems holds some pain over the fact that her mother is barely around due to her job and late breaking stories Her actions in this book made my head hurt She does a prank to get back at someone and almost ends up killing another classmate She gets suspended although she was initially threatened with being expelled As a way to make amends at her school she is supposed to do an assignment on her family s history in Haiti So Alaine was aggravating She ends up going back to Haiti to stay with her aunt and mother for two months and learns barely anything I think about the history of the country Instead this book focuses on her mother and aunt s history, a cousin with her own messed up sense of values, and curses I think that if the authors had just focused on Alaine that would have worked better I really wish that we had Alaine exploring Haiti and finding out about the history of the country She works at her aunt s foundation and is crushing on an intern They have a lot of IMs and texts to each other and she just stumbles on information about her family by people just giving her that information I can t say much about the secondary characters because they barely matter in this book Alaine s father is written so weird as is the mother We know that they both came from Haiti, but we don t get into why they got divorced And the authors try to throw a little out there about why Alaine s mother had her go live with her father full time but it made zero sense and then you throw in family curses and I just didn t care any Due to the writing style we flip flop all over the place and you can barely focus on anyone The writing style was not for me The authors decided to tell this story via Alaine s online journal I think and also included excerpts from her mother s diary, letters between her aunt, mother, texts, newspaper articles, etc I felt like I was being stuffed with information and not a lot of it made sense Also certain words or whole paragraphs here and there were in red Also sometimes the fonts would be really big and then change all over the place I have no idea why that was and I hope that s just a weird formatting issue with my ARC and is not going to be issued like this I get why House of Leaves did certain things to make the book immersive for readers This book is not House of Leaves The book mainly takes place in Miami and Haiti You don t get a sense of Miami at all and the authors take care to describe Haiti I am disappointed though that I am still left with not knowing much about Haiti besides two women s names who kept getting mentioned Marie Madeline Lachenais and Marie Louise Coidavid I really wish the authors had gone into of its history and how the country had changed through the centuries when under Spanish, French, and American rule I also wanted to hear about how the people in the country spoke French as well as Creole I was fascinated by that and it was just thrown here and there as an aside.The ending was a mess I don t want to get into it, but good grief I don t know what the authors were aiming for in this story Curses are real

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    This book took me surprise and I loved every second of it It s incredibly informative and fun and the fact that it s an own voices book makes it 10x better Dear Haiti, Love Alaine is about a Haitian girl who informs us all about the beauties and struggles of her country and family and it may involve a curse XD Overview Alaine Beauparlant is the daughter of two very amazingly talented incredible human beings, which of course means she, at the very least, is going to be talented and amazing as well She is incredibly smart and ends up doing something at school that is not so smart lol While at the same time her mother sort of screws up her career and has to take a trip back to her home, Haiti Not too long after this happens to her mom, Alaine messes up at school and her dad makes her go live with her mom in Haiti but tries to cover it up as a school project.While being in Haiti, she realizes that a lot is going on with her mother as well as going on with her country She is staying with her Tati Estelle who is taking care of her mother and her, and who is also running an app that helps Haitian Children in need.This book teaches you so much about Haiti, its culture, and its beautiful people I seriously took in so much information in such a little amount of time but it s done so well because it s woven into a wonderful story, that is at times, hilarious yet emotional and heartbreaking All the elements to an amazing story are included in this book which makes it so easy to fall in love with.What I Loved There s only one thing about this that I didn t necessarily love and that was at times the story felt a tad jumbled and rushed but seriously it is a minor complaint Now what truly made me fly through this book and connect so well is because it s told in emails and documents which is my fave I think you can tell so much about a person in the way they text or write an email, or just conduct themselves on social platforms I loved this because not only is it in digital correspondence, it s also in real time I guess is how you would put it So we get to see Alaine just living her life in Haiti, while at the same time reading about history and culture that she was writing about in school because of the digital aspect to the book lol.I feel like I m not really explaining this like I want to but I 100% recommend this book to everyone because it s OwnVoices, it s beautiful, and it s extremely informative.It comes out on September Third so don t forget to pick this up once it releases Hope y all have a great day night and Happy Reading Sol

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    I LOVED this book It had strong female characters, plenty of atmosphere details, and a good look at complicating people s assumptions about race, immigrancy, and education I loved how the authors balanced many forms of writing like texts and assignments The voice was so strong that you immediately got into the character And, I read a lot of YAI hadn t seen one that used a school assignment to such great effect Overall, this is an exceptional YA story for anyone who loves strong women Do not miss this book.Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review Seema Rao Write Instagram Blog Twitter

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