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A Very Mary Christmas A Pride And Prejudice Novella And Sequel To Waking To Mr DarcyWhat Is A Lady To Do When Your Mother Shares With One And All That You Have Lost Your Last Chance For Marriage And When The One Man You Wish To Marry Sees You Only As A Friend If You Are Mary Bennet, You Plan To Escape To London And Begin A New Life While Attempting To Forget The Man You Left Behind.What Is A Gentleman To Do When Your Father Retires To Bath, Leaving You His Estate As Well As His Debts Along With New Bills And The Care Of A Devil May Care Brother If You Are A Cautious And Calculating Businessman Like Nicholas Hammond, You Double Down Your Efforts To Make Your Estate Solvent And Tuck Away Your Hopes Of Marrying Until The Finances Are Well And Truly Able To Withstand The Added Expenses Of A Wife And Family.And What Is The Sister Or Brother Of Such A Gentleman Or Lady To Do If You Wish To See Your Sibling Happy If You Are Jane Or Elizabeth Bennet, You Attempt To Arrange Chance Meetings, But If You Are Alfred Hammond, You Look To Your Conniving Friend, Whit, For Help And Stage A Scheme That Will Either Destroy All Hopes Of Happiness Or Result In A Very Mary Christmas Note This Novella Is Nearly 35,000 Words In Length Or 198 Paperback Pages Excluding Front And Back Matter When Reading On Your Kindle Device, Story File Will End At About The 97% Mark.

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    Received as a gift from the author with no expectation of a review, positive or otherwise.4.5 rounded up to 5 starsMiss Mary Bennet, front and center This is a well done variation where Elizabeth and Jane are engaged to Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley and wedding preparations are underway at Longbourn As this is a sequel to Waking to Mr Darcy A Pride and Prejudice Novella, the regiment is in the area, along with Mr Wickham who has NOT eloped with Lydia, nor has he been exposed as a rake, a gambler and or a debtor Mrs Bennet is displeased with Mary for not pursuing Mr Collins vigorously and doesn t believe her oldest un engaged daughter is pretty or personable enough to promote to other eligible gentlemen around Meryton She isn t subtle about pushing Kitty and Lydia toward potential suitors and being dismissive towards Mary Fortunately, Mary has a number of people on her side, particularly her father and older sisters, who do their best to protect her from Mrs Bennet s disparagement, but Mary dre...

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    Sequel to Waking to Mr Darcy This was a clean adorable story with Mary Bennet as the centerpiece I liked her character and the way she handled herself in the wake of her mother s flitting about preparing for the double wedding of the two elder Bennet sisters What was a girl to do when she had two beautiful older sisters and two vivacious younger sisters and she was trapped in the middle Her mother constantly berated her for not securing Mr Collins, dumped on her with insults that she was not pretty like the older girls or lively like the younger girls After years of that comparison, Mary s self esteem and confidence were fairly low This was a quick read with 14 chapters plus an epilogue It followed Waking to Mr Darcy which was 4 stars for me however, it could be read as a stand alone book There were references to the previous book but did not lean heavily toward it The author did a good job of filling us in on the major points I would suggest reading the first book It is the story of Darcy and Elizabeth and how their betrothal came about It wa...

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    This was Mary Bennet s story and leave it to Leenie Brown to make you adore the secondary characters Sweet, romantic and chaste read that had its funny moments as well Particularly loved Darcy s dry wit It was bold too, at least I thought so as she killed on...

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    My Rating 4.5 This was a delightful Christmas story about Mary Not only is Mrs Bennet so wrong in this one, but Mr Bennet has finally assumed his true role As the book description tells us, Mary is determined to leave Longbourn after her two older sisters get married Then we have the serious but determined Nicholas Hammond, trying to bring true solvency to his estate after his spendthrift father leaves him with it Both Mary and Nicholas are good friends but neither feel they can either secure one s love or offer marriage Enter the devil may care younger brother, Fred, and his good friend, Whit, who have been sent down from school for participating in a curricle race, and you have mischief afoot I really loved this Mary and her ability to come straight to the heart of a situation After being told for years she was not pretty by her mother, she believed it There were so many touching scenes, especially with Mr Bennet He finally came to appreciate her There are se...

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    Status unread Received an Advance Reader Copy Gift from author provided with no expectation of, or promise of a review favourable or otherwise Rating Review My Library Notes A Very Mary Christmas A Pride and Prejudice Novellaby Leenie Brown Kindle Edition, First Edition, 198 pagesPublished December 20th 2016 by Leenie B Books ASIN B01N2S8XWXA Pride and Prejudice Novella and Sequel to Waking to Mr DarcyWhat is a lady to do when your mother shares with one and all that you have lost your last chance for marriage and when the one man you wish to marry sees you only as a friend If you are Mary Bennet, you plan to escape to London and begin a new life while attempting to forget the man you left behind.What is a gentleman to do when your father retires to Bath, leaving you his estate as well as his debts along with new bills and the care of a devil may care brother If you are a cautious and calculating businessman like Nicholas Hammond, you double down your efforts to make your estate solvent and tuck away your hopes of marrying until the...

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    I really enjoyed this bookI loved this book s story Such a lovely tale.

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    Loved this story Mary and a new cast of characters made this story Mary is the lost sister in PP and this author let s us see just who she really is The story takes place in Hertfordshire during the Christmas season with both Jane and Eliza...

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    With Jane and Elizabeth nearly married Mrs Bennet turns her attentions to Kitty As obviously Mary has lost any chance of marriage when she didn t catch Mr Collins.But Mary has friends on her side, so can she find her happy ending.Loved this story, it was wonderful to read Mary s tale, an...

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    I love PP sequels where Mary gets a happy ending Having someone understand her and just get her typically makes for a great story.

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    A Very Mary Christmas A Pride and Prejudice NovellaMary was merry and did marry the man of her dreams towards the end of this happy story Through a series of mishaps caused by two young men with the overwhelming desire for making wagers over any siuation, one related to Mr Nicholas Hammond, Miss Mary s dream man, Mary finds herself happiness without much extortion her part All I took was caring for others an a firm belief in love Meeting Fred, Nicholas brother, and his friend Whit, sets off a series of accidents just waiting to happen Fearing that his foolishness will raise his older brother s ire, Fred bribes Mary to keep these happenings to herself Of course, Mary places her stipulations on this agreement When another foolish wager threatens Nicholas, Mary decides to share the friends foolishness Rumors about Mar...

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