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[Reading] ➮ The Treble with Christmas ➶ Annabeth Albert –

The Treble with Christmas Christmas Short About Lucas And Cody From Treble Maker.From The Author If You Haven T Read Treble Maker Yet, Don T Miss Out On Meeting Lucas And Cody And Finding Out How It All Began This Short Also Features Brief Appearances From Trevor And Jalen Love Me Tenor And Lucky And Michelin All Note Long.

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    The Treble with Christmas is for fans of the Perfect Harmony series and is set several years after the end of book 1 This sweet, feel good story focuses on Cody and Lucas from book 1, with cameo appearances from Trevor and Jalen, as well as Michelin and Lucky Wedding be...

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    I hoped for fluffy and light, and that is exactly what I got.I loved Annabeth Albert s Perfect Harmony series, and adored Cody and Lucas.The theme of messed up proposal opportunities was great fun, but I could have done without the grandmother subplot It seemed a bit too easy how things were panning out with her.But nothing could wipe that huge smile off my face while I was reading this So nice to meet the other guys from the series ag...

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    Just so we re clear, I WANT MORE More fr xmas and life in general this book missed by epic proportions but that s mho These two guys have been together QUITE awhile how old Felt like twelve and yet one pulls a stupid ass stunt reunite with family cuz it s xmas What a fool Or should I ...

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    Another series I need to go read I loved this story So much packed in it Love, grief, remorse, guilt And peace Love and peace.

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    This was a really sweet follow up to Treble Maker I liked getting to see Lucas and Cory settled into a relationship and having success with their band and Cory dealing with his past so he could finally find the right mome...

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    I really liked it Reminds you that there is no right time for special events Yes, it might make it memorable to have it set at a particular location or on a specific day But things are special because they are special.

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    A sweet story featuring Cody and Lucas from Treble Maker with brief appearances from Trevor and Jalen Love Me Tenor and Lucky and Michelin All Note Long With matters of the heart, There s never going to be a perfect moment My grandmother and you kind of showed me that Some...

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    I received this through the instafreebie giveaway program.I love Annabeth Albert, her ability to draw you into the lives of characters and make you care so much that you cry Love isn t always easy People don t always treat you right No one is perfect Mistakes happen But sometimes you just have to forgive and move on.Luckily we have second chances and perfect music to accompany us as we str...

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    I would have liked a little less angst and a little happy between these two Seemed like for two guys who had been together for that long they would have had a better handle on each other Still it was nice to catch up.

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    Sweet and sad But end in a happy note so all good

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