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[Ebook] ➨ May our People Triumph ➧ Patrice Lumumba –

May our People TriumphLumumba Was The First Prime Minister Of The Democratic Republic Of The Congo He Was Born In Kasai Province Of The Belgian Congo He Was Educated At A Missionary School And Worked In Leopoldville Kinshasa And Stanleyville Kisangani As A Clerk And Journalist In 1955 Lumumba Became Regional President Of A Congolese Trade Union And Joined The Belgian Liberal Party He Was Arrested In 1957 On Charges Of Embezzlement And Imprisoned For A Year On His Release He Helped Found The Mouvement National Congolais MNC In 1958 In 1959 Belgium Announced A Five Year Path To Independence And In The December Local Elections The MNC Won A Convincing Majority Despite Lumumba Being Under Arrest At The Time A 1960 Conference In Belgium Agreed To Bring Independence Forward To June 1960 With Elections In May Lumumba And The MNC Formed The First Government On June 23, 1960, With Lumumba As Prime Minister And Joseph Kasavubu As President This Book Is Collection Of His Speeches And Writings

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    If someone will come to ask me whether the ideals visions that Patrice Lumumba had for his country the Congo have materialized, I ll say, and I think anyone else who follows the DRC s events closely will concur, none of them did.Lumumba s words are relevant today than when he was uttering them The DRC is day after day sliding backwards in almost all walks of life socially, politically, economically, and even, culturally And while I believe that the foreign peddling into Congo s internal affairs does all but exacerbate the tension a big portion of the blame should directly be targeted to the DRC political leaders who have decided never to listen to their beloved compatriots Imagine a person like Joseph Kabila, the president of the DRC, who declined to step down as president despite the Constitution so demanding His is a behaviour th...

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    A very worthwhile read So much has been written about Patrice Lumumba, it s a privilege to be able to read some of his own words.The second section is dedicated to other people s accounts of him, mostly by journalists who met him This gives another perspective on t...

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