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[Ebook] ↠ Diary Of A 21st Century Madman Author Sebastian Di Mattia –

Diary Of A 21st Century Madman 6 30 A.m A Cloud Of Black Smoke Rises Over Gamson Road, It Angrily Ascends Above The Pandemonium The Growing Fiery Black Hell Has Come Straight From That Dark Room Where Nightmares Are Born Those Who Have Sworn Allegiance To The Ivory Tower And All Who Dwell There, Quake In Their Boots As The Black Smoke Rises Before Them, Threatening To Fill Their Lungs With Burning Death To His Satisfaction The Growing Giant Resembles Godzilla, Towering Over The Wreckage, Consuming Every Bit Of It It Is My Avatar, A Frightening Messenger That Furiously Glares Down At The Object Of My Rage Say Hello To The Man Who Has Lost The Only Thing He Had Left In The World, A Man Who Has Been Placed Upon A Path Where He May Rapidly Descend Into A World Of Madness He Could Be Your Friend, A Member Of The Family Or A Co Worker You Just Won T Know Until It S Too Late The Police Will Try, But They Don T Have A Solid Case All We Can Do Is Hope That He Can Find A Reason To Live In A World Gone Mad.

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