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[Read] ➳ Paladins Fall (Kingdoms Forge, #2) ➯ Kade Derricks –

Paladins Fall (Kingdoms Forge, #2) Dain Gladstone Has Come A Long Way Since His Mercenary Days He S Settled Down And Forged A Life In The Rich Lands Of Galena The Years Have Been Good To Him, Sera, His Wife And Ruler Of The Wood Elves, And Their Adopted Daughter Jin It Hasn T Been Easy, But Among Sera S People They Ve Settled Into A Watchful And Quiet Life Now That Way Of Life Is In Danger After Biding Her Time An Old Enemy Returns And This Time She Has The Most Powerful Of Allies, An Ancient Evil That Covets The Land Of The Elves For The Near Limitless Power It Contains This Evil Hungers For Nothing Less Than Total Conquest Surviving The Coming Nightmare Will Draw The Gladstone Family Closer Than Ever, And In That Closeness Dain Is Forced To Confront His Past The Betrayal That Cost Him His Life In The Paladin Order, The Terrible Loss Of His Home In The Karelian Empire, The Deaths Of His Friends And Comrades In The Deepest Blackness, The Light Shines Ever Brighter.

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    An epic Fantasy tale, the second in this series, which actually outdoes the first book So many sequels lose that first edge, but this one only gets better There saction,riveting backstory, deeper characterization across the board, a twistier plot,tragedy and greater victory and the author has clearly set up for at lea...

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    I found the first book better Though the second book has some interesting plot devices it goes off on a demon rant and is not as interesting I much preferred the back story of Paladin training etc.

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    grippingwell done,excellent adventure with all the characters from the previous story ,drama,action and adventure all rolled into one great ending

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