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[PDF] Tell Newt to Shut Up By Michael Weisskopf –

Tell Newt to Shut Up PRIZEWINNING WASHINGTON POST JOURNALISTS REVEAL HOW REALITY GAGGED THE GINGRICH REVOLUTIONSpeaker Newt Gingrich And His Troops Promised A Revolution When They Seized Power In January 1995 The Year That Followed Was One Of The Most Fascinating And Tumultuous In Modern American History After Stunning Early Success With The Contract With America, The Republicans Began To Lose Momentum By Year S End Gingrich Was Isolated And Uncertain, And His Closest Allies Were Telling Him To Shut Up.Here Is An Unprecedented, Fly On The Wall Look At The Successes, Sellouts, And Perhaps Fatal Mistakes Of Newt Gingrich S Republican Revolution Based On The Award Winning Washington Post Series That Documented The Republicans Day To Day Attempts To Revolutionize The American Government,Tell Newt To Shut Upgets To The Heart Of The Political Process.

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