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Yellow (The Yellow Series Book 1) Shiloh Everest Hated Paisley Lowe, Plain And Simple Of Course, Who Could Blame Her Paisley Had Been The One Who Read Shiloh S Private Texts In Front Of The Whole Cafeteria And Forced Her Out Of The Closet When Shiloh Left For New York With Her Three Best Friends, She Thought She Had Escaped Paisley The Only Problem Is, Paisley Is Back Shiloh S Sworn Enemy Shows Up On Their Doorstep But She S Different Completely Different Not The Kind Of Different You D Expect, Either.

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    5 5 stars What if you love something and it doesn t come back What do you do then No one has all the answers Ryland said truthfully You ve just got to hope that the universe knows what it s doing Look at the stars Look how they shine for you This is officially the cutest, most heart warming and at the same time heartbreaking thing I had ever had the pleasure of reading I am not going to get into too much detail, only that I am glad this book did not stay a fanfiction and got published It made me laugh, and cry, and squeal, and fangirl, and scream, and rage, and sympathize and most of all it made me understand that love always comes as a grand surprise, and you just have to hope that the universe knows what it s doing, to refer to the quote I used.The characters were all absolutely adorable and the girls squad was everything I lived for Shiloh and Paisley were such a lovable couple, mostly becase both were layered, flawed and richly spun characters, that matched perfectly with the bittersweet, sweet in the end, pace of this wonderful tale Even after I finished this book, I can still smell daisies, a sunny day, and paint, and I can still feel brave even in the worst days The writing was so casual that it felt like everything happened in front of my eyes, and it was so warm and fluffy that made me smile all day long when I was picking this up Paisley ...

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    There s a lot of questionable things on this book that s why I couldn t give this than 3 And also It s kinda annoying when the author preferred someone as the green eyed girl, the tall girl, the dark haired girl, the light haired girl etc it s confusing sometimes.The book has a lot of potential but I thi...

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    You beautiful thing.

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    This book is just great, much much much better than other books that have been published by known authors I didn t actually read THIS version of Yellow, I read the original work, a fanfiction on Camren on Wattpad and I have to say that this...

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    Yellow by Lena Nottingham is the first book in a trilogy about the college life of Shiloh Everest after she was outed by Paisley Lowe in front of the entire high school cafeteria After moving into an apartment in New York with her three best friends, Shiloh gets an unexpected visitor Paisley Lowe is standing in the threshold of their home, but she seems very different This first book shows the reader the growth of the relationship between Shiloh and Paisley and why Paisley has changed so much I enjoyed this book because the plot is unique to its genre, which is romance mystery It is innocent, heartwarming, and suspenseful all at once Even though, Paisley has obviously been through a traumatic experience to get to the state that she is in, it is not a highly predictable In addition, it is not immediately known what is wrong with Paisley as seen by her first interactions with the girls Paisley Leah spoke again, giving the girls a nod to try and tell them she could handle this The shorter girl walked over to Paisley, pl...

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    This book has such an original plot and great character development This book kind of has a mysterious side to it This book has an iconic C L representation of love This book will have you feeling everything from laughter to heart wrenching pain But that s not why you should read this book You should read this book because it is the cutest, most heartwa...

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    I went into this book hoping for some uplifting queer representation and was sorely let down.The novel read a lot like a fanfic the short girl , the green eyed girl , which put me off almost to the get go There is also some di...

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    A great read It s such a cute, heart warming story but at the same time it s heartbreaking I love the characters and the author has done a great job at their development and I just felt really satisfied with how the book ended I m currently reading the second book, Blue, and already I m...

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    I see you girlllll I read this book somewhere else , which is probs why their aren t that many descriptions for all you haters The book is based off of two people already and I m sure you can look it up if you wanna know who it s based off of then you will get of a visual picture

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