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[PDF] ↠ Book of Gomorrah Author Peter Damian –

Book of Gomorrah Some Of The Roots Of The Characteristic Negative Attitude To Homosexuality Can Be Found In Peter Damian S Appeal To Pope Leo IX Though Written 900 Years Ago By An Italian Monk In A Remote Corner Of Italy, The Book Of Gomorrah Is Relevant To Contemporary Discussion Of Homosexuality The Book Of Gomorrah Asks The Pope To Take Steps To Halt The Spread Of Homosexual Practices Among The Clergy The First Part Outlines The Various Forms Of Homosexual Practice, The Specific Abuses, And The Inadequacy Of Traditional Penitential Penances, And Demands That Offenders Be Removed Form Their Ecclesiastical Positions The Second Part Is An Impassioned Plea To The Offenders To Repent Of Their Ways, Accept Due Penance, And Cease From Homosexual Activity.Payer S Is The First Translation Of The Full Tract Into Any Language From The Original Latin In His Introduction To The Tract Payer Places The Book Of Gomorrah In Its Context As The First Major Systematic Treatise In The Medieval West Against Various Homosexual Acts, Provides A Critique Of Peter Damian S Arguments, And Outlines His Life The Annotated Translation Is Followed By A Translation Of The Letter Of Pope Leo IX In Reply To Damian S Treatise, An Extensive Bibliography, And Indexes.The Book Will Be Of Interest To Students Of Medieval History And Religion, To Ethicists And Students Of Social S, And To Persons Generally Concerned With The Historical Roots Of Present Day Attitudes To Homosexuality.

[PDF] ↠ Book of Gomorrah  Author Peter Damian –
  • Paperback
  • 108 pages
  • Book of Gomorrah
  • Peter Damian
  • English
  • 19 April 2019
  • 9780889201231

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    This is an excellent translation, and introduction by Mr Hoffman The topic is very relevant today with the corruption of many Bishops and priests, and the scandals that have ensued from the vice of pederasty Everyone can benefit from reading this, and seeing how these problems were dealt with in the past This should be required reading for every Bishop, priest, and safe environment leader Additionally it s good for Catholics to know their history, and non Catholics to know that despite the weak presence of many Catholic leaders today it has not always be...

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    I read this book as part of an ongoing study of Catholic history as well as the Church s long history of corruption within its own ranks Half of this book is dedicated to an introduction and a translator s preface The second half of the book is the actual text written by St Peter Damian for Pope Leo IX The introduction and preface contain useful history as well as discussing...

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    Not for the faint of heart This medieval work by St Peter Damien, with a helpful introduction to the modern reader, will provide sobering insight into a saintly abbot s urgent and successful pleading with the Holy Father to address the corruption of the clergy and the particular sin of sodomy.

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    This little book might just give you the motivation to work out in fear and trembling, and with the grace of with the Holy Spirit, the salvation of your soul A great book for those who desire heaven.

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    Very interesting read, and quite informative It helped me out a lot.

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