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Ebook ➧ Runaway Heart (Hearts of Three Rivers #1) Author Amity Lassiter –

Runaway Heart (Hearts of Three Rivers #1) Book 1 In Amity S Lassiter S First Book In A New Sweet Western Heat Series Ren Maddock Wouldn T Call Herself A Runaway, But When She S Backed Into A Corner By A Childhood She D Rather Forget, She S Chosen Flight Every Time With Her Teenage Sister In Tow, Ren Picks Three Rivers, Colorado And Hopes That It Will Provide Them With The Quiet, Simple Life She S Been Looking For She Doesn T Expect Responding To A Job Ad Will Have Her Suddenly Wanting To Break Her Only Hard And Fast Rule Never Lay Down Roots Dane Baylor Already Has His Hands Full Running The Family Cattle Operation When A Tragic Accident Leaves Him As His Young Nephew S Legal Guardian Before Long, He Finds Himself Over His Head And Desperate Not To Betray The Trust His Brother Put In Him He Doesn T Know How Badly He Needs Ren Until She Shows Up And Balances Out Not Only His Life But His Heart For The First Time In Years, Ren Feels Safe, And Despite Her Best Efforts, Believing In The Happy Life She Could Have With The Man Who Offers Her The Love She S Never Known But When Her Past Comes Knocking, Threatening Her New Family And Her New Life, She May Have No Choice But To Fight For Everything She Holds Dear RUNAWAY HEART Dane Baylor Ren Maddock HOMECOMING HEART Noah Baylor Emma Pierce SECONDHAND HEART Finn Baylor Lily Jacobs Hearts Of Three Rivers Is A Series With Recurring Characters Throughout, However, Each Book May Be Read As A Standalone Or Out Of Order With Ease Runaway Heart Is A Contemporary Sweet Western Heat Novel Including Cursing And Open Door Bedroom Scenes, But Little Frank Language.

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    Sweet safe story I loved the characters and the heartwarming country feel it had.

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    3.5 stars I liked but I didn t love it Too sweet for my taste I needed a little bit of spice LolNo OW OM drama there s a woman who said that she went out with the H once but nothing came out of it and she asked the h to put in a word for her but that s it so I wouldn t call it ow drama.

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    Incompetent people who are really tstl, let alone take responsibility for a child.My status updates I m starting Runaway Heart Found this lurking in my to read collection and decided to give it a try A mish mash of unexplained characters, an assortment of men who are incapable of looking after a child properly, a guy w...

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    I was giving an ARC by Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion I really enjoyed the story of Ren and Dane It was very heartwarming and sweet I mean who wouldn t love a sexy cowboy who is raising his nephew, who just wants to love and protect not just you, but you sister too Dane officially melted my heart.I loved the extend Baylor family too After suffering some pretty heavy losses, they welcome Ren and Kerri with open arms When trouble comes for them, Dane stands by Ren and supports her thru it He wants nothing than to make Ren and Krissy part of his permanent family.I liked that the story had both his and her s point of views It also touches on the brothers stories, I hope to read about them.I would definitely recommend readi...

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    Even though this story was a sugar cake with too much frosting a.i way too sweet , I kept gobbeling it up Because at it s heart, it was a good story.A few things bothered me a bit, though One was that, at quite a few times, it was repetative We as readers would receive background information about a character, only to read the same thing a page or so further The thing that bugged me the most was the insta family I believe in love at first site And I believe a patchwork family can develop really quickly But do you let your kid ...

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    I got an advance copy of this because I have CONNECTIONS I had to read it on my iPad which was a horrible hell for me, but whatever, you don t get an advance copy of a book every day so I can deal.So I am not normally a reader of romances, as I think we all know, but occasionally I like a little mindless ridiculousness, and as far as romance novels go, this one was excellent Normally when I read a romance it goes like this 1 Read the first ten pages2 Skip ten or twelve pages to get to when the dudes meet2 Read all the bits where they are about to have sex3 Be incredibly disappointed by sex scenes4 Get bored with the plot5 Skip to the end so I know what happenedThis book went like this 1 Read the first ten pages2 Read the next bunch because the first ten were enjoyable and I actually kind of cared what was going to happen3 Read all the bits where they are about to have sex4 Feel weird about how not disappointed I was by the sex scenes5 Be like Ohhh man, are they gonna get together But reasons, though 6 Care about how everyone ends up, even the not sex related bits 7 Read the whole rest of it, even So as you can see there were two extra steps in there I needed a step to feel weird about sex scenes that your friend writes, and another step because not the whole book was about sex which is usually annoying Maybe I have just been reading te...

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    Albeit a short read, I was fast approaching a new obsession come the second chapter I have never been one for Cowboy Romance and couldn t tell you which side of a horse to climb on but cough HO LAY that southern country charm and respectable gentleman, Dane, quickly changed my mind Easy read with an emotional rollarcoaster for a plot Definitely a good read for anyone looking to pass a couple hours ensconced in a book Rated 5 out of 5 for the fact that I wa...

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    Runaway Heart is the debut book by new author Amita Lassiter and for me she nailed it I was instantly drawn into the story and instantly found myself reading it straight through Lassister does an excellent job developing the individual characters while building a strong desire to see Ren and her sister Kerri finally experience what it s like to have a home and a family.Ren Maddock hasn t known love, peace and acceptance since her father passed away a long time ago After years of her mother s abuse, both physical and emotional, Ren decides it s time for her to leave home Loving and caring for her younger sister Kerri has become second nature for her so she moves out but remains close so that she can check on Kerri as often as possible When Ren and Kerri s mother Anita goes too far one night, Ren decides the best thing for her and Kerri is for her to take her sister and leave That was four years ago, and the two have been on the run since Making the decision to try to find roots and settle down to give Kerri the stability she needs, Ren moves the two across the country to the small town of Three Rivers Dane Baylor was content to live his life having fun, not committing to any woman, and running his family cattle ranch until tragedy causes him to become a responsible adu...

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    I grabbed this for free recently and am glad I took the time to read it not just shelve it I enjoyed this heartwarming, classic romance It was a fast read that kept me engaged It was nice to see from that start that Ren took her responsibility seriously then anything else In spite of her horrible past, or maybe becasue of it, she had a strong work ethic and morals she tried to live by And who wouldn t want a Dane in their life A strong, loyal rancher who puts his family before enything else He proves this beyond a doubt When his whole life is upended due to a family tragedy.The chemitry between these two strong, loyal people was nicely done I appreciated that things grew slowly even though they were both aware of the attraction immediately Dane s instatnt protectiveness was what Ren and Kerri both needed to feel secure I also...

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    I loved this book it was so heartwarming and cute Dane he s such a gentleman, trust me, there isn t much I want to do than lay you out in the bed of this truck and make love to you until the sun comes up But this isn t the place, and you need time The boy sure knows how to exhaust himself, with his eyes closed, he grumbled again but released her Fine But you should know the only reason I m letting you go is because I m too tired to fight you Find yourself here again and you might not be so lucky next time He also can be a jealous man and it s so hot, Ren, I He stopped, choosing his words carefully I saw red when I saw Jimmy touching you I want to be the only one whose touch you welcome I want to be ...

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