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➿ Der Struwwelpeter oder Lustige Geschichten und drollige Bilder Free ➶ Author Heinrich Hoffmann –

Der Struwwelpeter oder Lustige Geschichten und drollige BilderThe Cast Of Characters From Lemony Snicket, Edward Gorey, Roald Dahl, And Even Charles Dickens Meet Their Matches In Heinrich Hoffmann S Shock Headed Peter The Cameos Of The Ill Kempt Peter And His Ilk Are Reminiscent Of Their Near Contemporaries, The Unexpurgated Grimm S Fairy Tales Right And Wrong Are Clearly Delineated, And Just Deserts Are Swift And Sure To Our Precariously Balanced World, Where Shifting Sensibilities Lurchingly Guide Expression And Conduct, Shock Headed Peter Is Remnant Of A Past Where Things Are Tongue In Cheek Simple, Where The Recalcitrant Child Or Cruel Adult Gets His Or Her Comeuppance Better Yet, There S No Waiting For The Wheels Of Justice To Grind Slowly There S An Exceedingly Fine, Excruciatingly Apropos Resolution In Fast Forward Time.Let The Reader Be Forewarned Not For The Delicately Inclined One Will Herein Find The Stories Of Shock Headed Peter Crusty Kid Incarnate Cruel Frederick Dog Abuse Bites The Dust Harriet And The Matches Cat Duo Predicts Pyromaniac Girl S Demise The Inky Boys Bigoted Taunters Finally Get The Tint The Man That Went Out Shooting Twisted Rabbit Rampage Little Suck A Thumb Tailor With Scissors Enough Said Augustus, Who Would Not Have Any Soup The Perils Of The Starvation Diet Fidgety Philip Family Quality Time With An Antsy Pants Johnny Head In Air A.D.D Boy Takes Long Walk Of Short Pier Flying Robert Puddle Jumper In Poppinsesque Flight This Edition Includes Latin, English And German Translations Of Each Tale Stylistically Elegant, Rhyming Latin Translation, Accessible To The Non Scholarly Reader Facing Page Original German Text And Popular English Translation Hoffmann S Original Color Illustrations, Plus Detailed Enlargements Of Them Appendix With New, Never Before Published Contemporary English Translation, Scruffypete, By Ann Elizabeth Wild Afterword By Walter Sauer, On The History Of The Work And Its Latin Translations Select Latin English Glossary

➿ Der Struwwelpeter oder Lustige Geschichten und drollige Bilder Free ➶ Author Heinrich Hoffmann –
  • Paperback
  • 72 pages
  • Der Struwwelpeter oder Lustige Geschichten und drollige Bilder
  • Heinrich Hoffmann
  • 10 January 2019
  • 9780865165489

    10 thoughts on “➿ Der Struwwelpeter oder Lustige Geschichten und drollige Bilder Free ➶ Author Heinrich Hoffmann –

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    This book is the antidote to Disney It is the opposite of all those nasty, sugar sweet versions of Cinderella, the Little Mermaid and worst of all Winnie the Pooh view spoiler Worst because Eeyore was, in the original, A.A Milne version, a sarcastic, depressive real l...

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    Der Struwwelpeter is one of those picture books I grew up with, and read and heard repeatedly as a child, so I have an unreasonable amount of love for it, even though it s kind of awful All credit goes to my German speaking mom, although I m not sure if she shared this book with my siblings and me because she thought it was a funny book or was trying to scare us straight.This German children s picture book with moral lessons in poems was first published in 1845, when society particularly in Germany, I suspect was much in the mode of spare the rod and spoil the child No children being spoiled here There are ten stories, pretty much all intended to show the horrible things maiming, death, etc that will happen if you are a disobedient or misbehaving child For example In Die gar traurige Geschichte mit dem Feuerzeug The Very Sad Story with the Match , a girl plays with matches and is burned to death A pile of ashes is all that remains of her Her cats who tried to warn her to stay away from the matches are crying a river of tears Just like my cat would if anything ever happen...

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    I read these classic morality tales enough times as a kid that I knew large chunks by heart But, let s face it, back then they were seriously out of date, and now they re so archaic that they aren t amusing even as kitsch No wonder most children today haven t heard of them.So why doesn t someone produce an updated edition I m sure it wouldn t be difficult Here are some suggestions Scarlett, Who Read Glossy Women s Magazines And Died Of AnorexiaKeith, Who Didn t Believe In Climate Change And Was Drowned In A Flash FloodSaffron, Who Ate Genetically Modified Food And Grew An Extra HeadJames, Who Supported Liberal Healthcare Reform And Was EuthanasedEmily, Who Switched Off Her Family Filter And Was Raped By A PedophileDarren, Who Played Violent Video Games And Became A Serial KillerMadison, Who Questioned The War On Terror And Was Exploded By An Islami...

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    This is some freaky shit.

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    I read this innumerable times in English translation as a child, and still know a lot of it by heart but somehow I had never got around to looking at the German original OMG, it is the most hysterically funny thing I have seen in at least a month My German is very, very poor, and even so I found it impossible not to laugh on almost every page Here s a sample, courtesy of the Gutenberg version If you also know the English Struwwelpeter, just try reading it aloud while looking at the pictures, and you ll see what I mean The contrast between the happy, bouncy rhymes and the gruesome story of Paulinchen, who s too fond of playing with matchesDie gar traurige Geschichte mit dem FeuerzeugPaulinchen war allein zu Haus,die Eltern waren beide aus.Als sie nun durch das Zimmer sprangmit leichtem Mut und Sing und Sang,da sah sie pl tzlich vor sich stehnein Feuerzeug, nett anzusehn Ei, sprach sie, ei, wie sch n und fein Das mu ein trefflich Spielzeug sein.Ich z nde mir ein H lzchen an,wie s oft die Mutter hat getan Und Minz und Maunz, die Katzen,erheben ihre Tatzen.Sie drohen mit den Pfoten Der Vater hat s verboten Miau Mio Miau Mio la stehn sonst brennst du lichterloh Paulinchen h rt die Katzen nicht Das H lzchen brennt gar he...

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    Rating this translation of the classic German picture book is difficult Yes, Heinrich Hoffmann s Der Struwwelpeter was and still is considered a classic of German children s literature, but nevertheless I still do not really believe that the stories contained therein are at all suitable for some children, especially those children who have very vivid and active imaginations My grandmother repeatedly read me the German version when I was a child, and some of the stories actually gave me nightmares For example, I was absolutely positive that the tailor would come with his horrible scissors and cut off my brother s thumbs because he sucked his thumbs at the time , and the terrible story of the little girl burned to death because she played with matches frightened me so much that I did not even attempt to light a match until I was about 18 years old In retropsect though, I am actually convinced that it was NOT the text, the narrative of Der Sruwwelpeter, but the author s bold and very graphic accompanying illustrations that gave me the nightmares, that frightened me as being read Grimms fairy tales from a standard unillustrated book produced no such reactions, just a lasting appreciation of the tales.Now Heinrich Hoffmann s stories and pictures are most definitely entertaining, engaging to a point and often very much thought provoking , and Der Sruwwelpeter is a worthwhile and interesting example of 19th century German children...

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    According to recent research there was an additional story meant for publication, but was somehow missing from the final book So, in addition to the stories of the Shock headed Peter, Cruel Frederick, Fidgety Philip, and Johnny Head in Air we can expect to read the following story in future editions of the Struwwelpeter The story of the Lyin DonaldSince childhood, it is sad to tell,young Donald did not behave well.From morning when he bared his eyes til nightfall, all he told was lies.The truth to Don was nothing than one and one and one makes four.His wordbook he liked to defaceand blacked out honesty and grace.Became a scoundrel and a crook,took some advice from Adolf s book.He one day ran for president,still kept on lyin with intent.He lost the ballot That was sweetwhen he cried out Rip Off , Swindle , Cheat And kept on crying through the nighthis face turned red then blue then white.When finally his heart gave outhe hit the floor flat on his snout.He k...

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    I was interested in this book first because the cover gave me Edward Scissorhand vibes and then also because it had off the wall stories And guess, what It did not let me down Honestly, I wish I had known about this book sooner In my childhood years when I used to read Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and Goosebumps, this would have been right there with them The quirkiness I miss old books Books like Madeline, Where the ...

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    A classic German children s book, but one that, in my opinion, is or rather can be too violent and also at times too strictly pedagogical for children, or rather, some children I was actually frightened by a number of the tales when I was a child, and while I have much of an appreciation for and of Der Struwwelpeter as an adult, it is my firm belief that many of the recounted anecdotes as well as the illustrations, and in many ways, these even so can be rather majorly creepy for imaginative and or exceedingly sensitive children I certainly would not simply read this book aloud to younger children, unless I was absolutely positive and certain they would not be too scared by either the stories or the bold, but also often rather strangely uncanny accompaying pictures I still sometimes have dreams about the tailor with his large scissors, cutting off the digits of children who suck their thumbs And while some authorities on German children s literature now make the rather intriguing claim that Heinrich Hoffmann actually meant Der Struwwelpeter to be somewhat of a parody, it ...

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    Ein p dagogisches Verbrechen und ein Alptraum f r jedes Kind Erziehung basierend auf Angst und Schrecken, ungeeignet f r Kinder ja das war die P dagogik der 70er Jahre, in der auch die G sunde Watschn noch propagier...

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