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➽ Star Trek Author Zander Cannon –

Star Trek Captain Picard And The Crew Of The Enterprise Respond To A Distress Call And Find A Terribly Wounded Scientist Aboard A Marooned Ship While Evaluating The Planet Below And Its Two Warring Nations For Possible Federation Membership, Picard Discovers To His Horror That The Survivor Of The Disaster Is Foreseeing His Death Written By Eisner Nominated Writer Zander Cannon Top Ten.

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    Nice fun 5 issue trade comic Very true to the TV show formula Good read and nice artwork.

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    This story takes place between TNG season 4 episodes Qpid and The Drumhead It focuses on a diplomatic mission and feels like a missing episode of the show But knowing how long Worf lives, there s not really any suspense when he is threatened with...

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