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Promises, Promises (Delaware Dawning, Book #1, HP #784)Raelene Strattford Believes God Has Forsaken Her, But Her Neighbor Proves Just The Opposite While Giving Her A Voice In A World Where Women Have None.Has God Forsaken Raelene What Kind Of God Would Take A Girl S Family And Leave Her Alone In A Wild Land Where Women Have No Voice When Gustaf Hanssen Promises Raelene S Dying Father That He Will Take Care Of Her, He Finds Himself Bound To Her Happiness, Her Success, And Her Well Being In Ways He Never Imagined To Keep His Word, Must Gustaf Really Oversee All Of Raelene S Affairs, Find Her A Husband, And Maintain Her Farm, While She Does Nothing But Scorn Him Can God Reach Through Raelene S Pain And Self Centeredness And Give Her The Love That Awaits, If Only She Will Accept His Will

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    Amber Miller has a great work in this book The story is just what it needs to be Starting out with a tragedy that allows one to get their back up and spout all their reasons for not trusting in the Lord and to go through a process of healing and really seeing what the Lord is trying to do for them is so hard to put into words, and she did it Reading this story of Raelene makes you take the time to look at what is going on in your own life For me it makes me think about the comparison to English life of Jane Austen types and the farmers in the ear...

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    Raelene Strattford believes God has forsaken her, but her neighbor proves just the opposite while giving her a voice in a world where women have none A sweet, historical romance that takes place in the 1730 s in the area of New Castle County Pennsylvania which becomes part of the state of Delaware This short, easy to read romance is Book 1 of a trilogy called Delaware Brides Raelene is left alone as a 17 year old when both parents are killed in a buggy accident Her father s will states she will become sole owner of the property if she marries by age 18 She loses faith in God and blames him for all the many changes that appear in her life Gustaf a neighboring farmer s son is a strong young man with a deep faith in God His everyday presence helps Raelene mature, develop her own strength, and find her way b...

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    The Good This book really hit home for me in that it shows how a person can become angry with God and how He continues to love that person and puts people in their lives to help them overcome that anger and draws them back into a relationship with Him.The Bad The setting was in Colonial Pennsylvania during George Thomas term as Governor 1738 1746 , but it didn t ...

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    The first in a series this one is also the best Raelene Strattford finds herself a young woman alone in a new country with a farm to run Gustaf Hanssen made a promise to her dying father to help her Raelene resents his help as well as his insistence that she needs to turn back to God A good stor...

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    An easy light prairie read with some good inspiring moments If you like marriage of convenience stories, this is one.

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    Promises Promises by Amber MillerGood ebook and I would recommend this ebook to one and all and I would recommend this ebook a five star rating

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