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!!> BOOKS ✯ The Pearl ⚡ Author John Steinbeck –

The PearlJouant De Sa Lame Comme D Un Levier, Il Le Fit C Der Et Le Coquillage S Ouvrit Les L Vres De Chair Se Crisp Rent Puis Se D Tendirent Kino Souleva Le Repli Et La Perle Tait L , La Grosse Perle, Parfaite Comme Une Lune Elle Accrochait La Lumi Re, La Purifiait Et La Renvoyait Dans Une Incandescence Argent E Elle Tait Aussi Grosse Qu Un Uf De Mouette C Tait Plus La Grosse Perle Du Monde.

!!> BOOKS ✯ The Pearl ⚡ Author John Steinbeck –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 121 pages
  • The Pearl
  • John Steinbeck
  • French
  • 28 May 2019
  • 9782070364282

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    John Steinbeck s chilling novella The Pearl is the short story selection in the group catching up on classics for January 2017 In his retelling of a Mexican folktale, Steinbeck tells the tale of a fisherman named Kino who finds the pearl of the world on one of his dives Showing how money is the root of all evil, Steinbeck delivers a poignant tale First published in 1945, The Pearl is the story of Kino, Juana, and their baby Coyotito who one day discover a giant pearl on one of their fishing expeditions All of a sudden, their entire village measures time against when Kino found his pearl Even though fish and pearls are the source of Kino s livelihood each member of the village desires part of his newfound wealth Rather than congratulating him on his prized discovery, each villager offers their unique suggestion as to how Kino should spend his winnings Tragedy strikes Coyotito is bitten by a scorpion, and Kino and Juana rush to town in attempt to persuade the doctor to treat their child In a situation permeated with racism, the doctor of Spanish descent refuses to treat the apparent Native American Kino unless he comes up with substantial monetary payment The only item of value that Kino possesses is the pearl, and he assures the doctor that he will be rewarded once the pearl given to brokers Just...

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    Steinbeck does it again All my experiences with his writings have been fantastic Every word, every description, every plot point, every twist perfect The Pearl is very short but very amazing It is a tale of greed and how people around wealth or who come upon sudden wealth are affected Many of us think our life would be perfect if we won the lottery, but I think all of us could benefit from the lessons in this story.I picked this book now because I am on vacation in Hatteras, NC, and the locations along the sea seemed like they would blend well with my surroundings I was correct Many key scenes occur at or in the ocean, and reading this while my toes were in the surf added so much to the atmosphere.D...

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    Innocence turning to greed, and how people react to another man s good fortune, is the major theme of John Steinbeck s popular novella, The Pearl, set apparently in the early 20th century, the author is rather vague on the subject in the then small, sleepy town, now a major city of La Paz, Baja California, Mexico, near the tip of the astonishing long peninsula, 775 miles Our main character is Kino, a young, poor Mexican man in his early 20 s of Indian extraction, living in a remote part of the quiet city, on the beach in the Gulf of California or the Sea of Cortez, Senor Cortes would not recognize the anglicized spelling pick your choice His under the mangroves, flimsy brush house has three inside, the pearl diver, his wife Juana, not official, their first an only child a son, the baby Coyotito, he loves his family, and the neighbors, an uneducated, superstitious group, as destitute as he, yet a great generous tribe , who have been exploited for 400 years by the European conquerors A tragic almost fatal occurrence happens and the very concerned parents , go on a desperate quest to see the only local doctor, a rare visit, they...

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    It was a morning like other mornings and yet perfect among mornings This novella opens with the simple contentment of a young Mexican pearlfisher at peace with his life, wife, and baby, living in a tightknit community, and accompanied by the Song of the Family that plays in his mind.Pearls, by contrast, are a consequence of imperfection possibly of pain or discomfort But from the irritation caused by stray sand, rare transfixing beauty can occur Unlike gold and diamonds, a pearl needs no finishing, and yet its allure arises from its imperfections the shifting elusiveness of the watery light it exudes, the unexpectedly grainy surface, the not quite spherical shape, and the glowing warmth it imparts to eye and skin Be Careful What You Wish ForQuiet contentment would not make much of a story But wherein lies the greater danger a scorpion, poised to pounce on a resting babe, or a huge pearl that could pay for school, and thus enable little Coyotito to break out of the pot that holds us in There is mystical hope when the need was great and the desire was great , but beware, It is not good to want a thing too much Oyster being opened, source here.Fortune shines In the surface of the great pearl he could see dreams forming Fortune is fickle The pearl has become my soul Wealth brings power, and power tends to corrupt What once offered warm lucent promise turns gray and ulcerous The possession possesses him Ultimately, this is a story of s...

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    Overall, it s just not very good I keep debating whether I should rate it one star or two, but ultimately the Goodreads definition of the two star rating, it was ok, pushes me over the edge It wasn t ok nothing about this was ok.The writing style is bad, though I haven t read enough Steinbeck to know whether his stilted, awkward prose is just an affectation for this work in an insulting attempt to illustrate that his main characters are poorly educated , or whether he is just always like this His treatment of his characters is truly awful Steinbeck strikes me as the worst kind of liberal he s full of compassion for the circumstances of his characters, but that compassion never rises above the level that any of us would have for a sick animal At least in this work, he seems like the kind of person who loves the poor, but only for the fact that they re poor In short, he doesn t seem to think of his characters as people, just creatures buffeted by terrible circumstances.And the moral of the story is nearly reprehensible, to the extent that it makes any sense The reason bad things are happening to these poor creatures They wanted a better life Steinbeck seems to be saying, don t try to do anything to improve yourselves, and you certainly should never dream Be satisfied with where you are, because trying only leads to failure If his moral were ...

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    The pearl, John Ernst Steinbeck 1902 1968 The Pearl is a novella by American author John Steinbeck, first published in 1947 It is the story of a pearl diver, Kino, and explores man s nature as well as greed, defiance of societal norms, and evil Steinbeck s inspiration was a Mexican folk tale from La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico, which he had heard in a visit to the formerly pearl rich region in 1940 In 1947, it was adapted into a Mexican film named La perla and in 1987 into a cult Kannada movie Ondu Muttina Kathe The story is one of Steinbeck s most popular books and has been widely used in high school classes The Pearl is sometimes considered a parable When Coyotito, an infant, is stung by a scorpion, Kino, his father, must find a way to pay the town doctor to treat him The doctor denies Kino, an indigenous fisherman, out of racism, which enrages him Shortly thereafter, Kino discovers an enormous, lucid pearl which he is ready to sell to pay the doctor Everyone calls it the Pearl of the World, and many people begin to covet it That very night Kino is attacked in his own home Determined to get rid of the pearl, the following morning he takes it to the pearl auction ...

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    Porque esa perla ha llegado a ser mi alma, dice Kino Si me desprendo de ella, pierdo mi alma.Qu hermoso libro Una historia sencilla, narrada en forma clara, sin rodeos ni t rminos dif ciles Steinbeck logra atraparme siempre con sus libros Al igual que como con De Ratones y Hombres , La Perla nos muestra una historia en donde apreciamos la naturaleza humana al desnudo, las emociones a flor de piel en situaciones l mites No he le do Las Uvas de la Ira ni Al Este del Ed n , pero siento que Steinbeck es poderoso en este tipo de novelas cortas En este libro todo gira alrededor de esa perla, cuya canci n , como l la denomina, comienza a infectar el alma de Kino.Ese pescador afortunado afortunado por el descubrimiento de la gema que busca la felicidad a partir de l Kino y Juana junto con Coyotito emprenden una traves a al estilo Sam y Frodo con una perla en vez de un anillo, pero no hacen falta 700 interminables p ginas para describir la traves a, no hace fa...

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    goodreads david writes this I m convinced that the general besmirchers of Steinbeck are fucktards, asswads, and vibrating s nice as a reader bad, i guess, as a reviewer when a writer achieves can do no wrong status reading steinbeck i feel less distance between the writer his words myself than with nearly any other writer his prose stylings can t touch his contemporaries, his structure and pacing can be sloppy, he s sentimental, preachy, overly didactic, and his themes arrive with the subtlety of a sledgehammer to the kneecaps but who gives a shit i m not grading a paper he gets an A and a gold star at the top of his paper for cannery row, possibly the most complete and interesting fictional world i ve encountered travels with charley, my all time favorite travelogue and grapes of wrath, a flawed but incredibly mo...

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    This is a deceptively simple Mexican fable It s written by Steinbeck, so of course, it s written beautifully The story is pretty straightforward poor, uneducated peasant finds monster pearl and now has everything previously denied to him within his grasp Or does he SPOILERS AHEAD Kino is happy despite his poverty and his low position on the social scale He and the other natives in his village are under the control of the wealthy Spanish people who have taken up residence in the nicer part of town The wealthy Spanish people live comfortably in their brick and plaster houses, exercising an iron control over the laws and economics of the town, while Kino and his ilk live in brush huts Kino, however, is happily married to Juana, and they are both content in their relationship and with their beloved first born son, Coyotito The serpent enters their tropical Eden in the form of a scorpion that stings the baby a possible death sentence When the Spanish doctor refuses to treat him because of their poverty, Kino goes pearl diving, laboring under tremendous emotional agony He finds a large, obviously old oyster, and it yields a magnificent pearl the pearl of the world It is at this moment, when Fate drops a fortune into Kino s hands, that his real troubles begin.Okay, so as we follow Kino through the increasing complexity of the problems that develop as a result of his ownership of this pearl, many issues are raised What, exactly, is Steinbeck saying Th...

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