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[BOOKS] ✬ The Jewel Garden By Sarah Don –

The Jewel Garden THE JEWEL GARDEN Is The Story Of The Garden That Over The Past Decade Has Bloomed From The Muddy Fields Around The Dons Tudor Farmhouse, A Perfect Metaphor For The Monty And Sarah S Own Rise From The Ashes Of A Spectacular Commercial Failure At The Same Time THE JEWEL GARDEN Is The Story Of A Creative Partnership That Has Weathered The Greatest Storm, And A Testament To The Healing Powers Of The Soil In His Weekly Column For The Observer, Monty Don Has Always Been Candid About The Garden S Role In Helping Him To Pull Back From The Abyss Of Depression THE JEWEL GARDEN Elaborates On This Much Further Written In An Optimistic, Autobiographical Vein, Monty And Sarah S Story Is Truly An Exploration Of What It Means To Be A Gardener.

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    Fascinating take of the Don s life and strugglesI guess that watching Gardeners World every Friday that viewers think that Monty Don has a great life, who wouldn t like to spend their days in the garden It was fascinating to read about their early life together, the jewellery business, Month s depression, the family and his they struggled through some really tough times Abov...

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    EnjoyableAn interesting biographical account of their lives, gives flesh to the brutality of unemployment, the despair of failure and joy of the countryside.Left me respecting and admiring Mr M Don even , it s no wonder I enjoy him on TV so much.

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    I wanted pictures of their garden I m also sad that no one really calls Montagu by the name that made him famous, Monty But alas.

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    Really enjoyable read..Really enjoyed this book Well written and very interesting insight into Monty Sarah Dons lives before gardening and television fame.

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