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[Read] ➪ Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage By Alice Munro –

Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, MarriageNove Racconti Perfetti La Musica Del Quotidiano, Il Gioco Smorzato Dei Sentimenti E Delle Allusioni Da Flannery O Connor A Henry James, Da Chechov A Tolstoj, Non C Un Autore Di Racconti Al Quale Alice Munro Non Sia Stata Paragonata Ma La Sua Capacit Di Dipanare In Un Lampo L Irriducibile Complessit Della Natura Umana Incomparabile Questi Racconti Possiedono La Straordinaria Capacit Di Trascinare Il Lettore Nei Meandri Di Una Memoria Che Non La Sua Per Risvegliare Emozioni Che Sono Di Tutti La Scrittura Della Munro Aperta, Lussureggiante, Fitta Di Accadimenti E Particolari Necessari Il Paesaggio Canadese, La Natura Selvaggia Del Nord Ovest Partecipano Alle Emozioni Dei Personaggi, Integrano La Loro Storia, Determinano Le Loro Decisioni.

[Read] ➪ Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage By Alice Munro –
  • ebook
  • 320 pages
  • Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage
  • Alice Munro
  • Italian
  • 07 October 2019
  • 9788858400531

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    LA NORMALIT PIENA DI MISTEROL ordinario straordinario.Arrivato alla terza raccolta di Alice Munro, potrei aver gi detto tutto.Ma credo che non sia cos , con una scrittrice di questa bravura si trova sempre qualcosa da aggiungere Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage che la traduzione italiana sintetizza in Nemico, amico, amante e a me sembra che a entrambe le versioni manchi la parola Betrayal contiene i pi bei racconti di Munro che ho letto finora Piccoli grandi capolavori Mobili di famiglia, Conforto, Ortiche, Post and Beam, Quello che si ricorda, The Bear Came Over the Mountain, sono tutti bellissimi, ma anche uno pi bello dell altro.L attrice Kristen Wiig protagonista di Hateship Loveship film diretto da Liza Johnson, 2013.La mia conoscenza della sua opera ancora molto parziale, e questa riflessione potrebbe presto rivelarsi sbagliata nei racconti scritti quando era pi giovane, mi era sembrata molto attaccata al mondo che stato, pi che a quello che Alice Munro pubblic questi racconti dopo aver da poco superato i 70 anni, e mi co...

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    My reaction to almost every movie I watch is to announce loudly to the room after finishing it, WELL, I LL NEVER GET THOSE TWO HOURS OF MY LIFE BACK I get peevish and resentful after sitting through bad movies, and I usually need to read a new book or watch Colin Firth as Mr Darcy emerging from the lake in his wet, white shirt before I can shake other bad movie images from my mind.So, imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon Hateship, Loveship with Kristen Wiig, and I not only liked it, I kinda loved it Like, I loved it so much, I watched it twice in one week Wha And, how is this a book review, you might be ready to ask Okay, I m getting there So, I loved Hateship, Loveship SO much, I did a little homework and found out that it was based on a short story by Canadian writer, Alice Munro A short story of only 54 pages was the inspiration for that break my heart I surprisingly love this film And, even though I think it s the best story of this collection, the book includes nine.Nine stories total and what do they have in common Well, as the doctor in the ninth story declares, We don t know, do we Till we see the pattern of the deterioration, we really can t say Yes, patterns of deterioration of marriages, of health, of mental and physical stability, of lives and each of the nine stories features a pro...

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    A lifetime of reading Alice MunroI feel like I ve grown up with Alice Munro I studied some of her short stories as a student high school and college I took a senior seminar in her work at university long before she won the Nobel Prize for Literature I ve seen her read several times my favourite was when she read the masterpiece Differently in its entirety And I continue to read and reread her work Some of her stories are so familiar I can recite whole passages by heart Nerd confession I once played a game with a friend where he read passages from Munro and I had to identify the story My favourite Munro is mid period, from Who Do You Think You Are called The Beggar Maid in the U.S and UK , published in 1978, through Friend Of My Youth 1990 After that, I felt her stories got a little too complex, too compressed They re still brilliant, each as full of life and incident as novels, but many of them don t have the directness and emotional impact of the early middle work This collection is from a decade later, in 2001, and it s very fine.If you know Munro s work, there are echoes from earlier stories There s the uncouth, loud country relation visiting the narrator who s risen in social stature Post And Beam there s a c...

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    A COLLECTION OF PARADIGM SHIFTS INTO OTHER FOLKS HEADSPACE When this diminutive little lady from small town Ontario, Canada won the Nobel Prize for Literature she remarked I want my stories to move people I don t care if they re women, men or childrenI want my stories to be something about life that makes people say not oh, isn t that the truth but to feel some kind of reward from the writing And that doesn t mean it has to be a happy ending or anything, but just that everything the story tells moves the reader in such a way that you feel you are a different person when you finish it Want to get out of your skin for a few hours Alice Munro will take you there Back in 1984, when I was a recently promoted management trainee, I had a supervisor and beloved mentor named Jim.Jim was 6 or 7 years older than I was, but nevertheless retained a preppy style crewcut and a boyish grin He was a gee whiz, can do type guy with a boundless enthusiasm for cutting edge management development techniques Worked for me 10 years later, boyish enthusiasm intact, he gave our officers a crash course on the latest buzz on thinking outside of the box developing a flexibl...

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    I sometimes get into conversations with people who have a hard time connecting with the short story format they say that they hardly have time to muster an emotional involvement in the characters and events, before the story is over To those readers I might recommend Alice Munro True, I have only experienced one of her collections, but the stories in Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage are nothing if not emotionally affecting or crushingly tragic, I suppose, if you want to get specific about the thing Indeed, the understated yet unrelenting tragedy of small unkindnesses built up over decades and lifetimes of the inevitable disappointments and compromises that result when people do their best and their best is not very good of the human tendency to feel pride in one s flaws and shame in one s strengths all this is the lifeblood of Munro s collection, and there s no denying that it s bitter than sweet At times, the bitterness becomes overpowering At other times, Munro strikes a compelling balance between the deep...

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    Contingenze.Qualche giorno fa un amico aNobiiano mi ha detto che non vedeva l ora di leggere il mio commento a questi racconti di Alice Munro Gli ho risposto Spero di riuscire a scriverne qualcosa, sono talmente belli che sono senza parole, come di fronte a un quadro Ecco, magari parto proprio da qui.Ecco, magari parto proprio da qui, da quel cono di luce che all improvviso illumina esistenze normali, che ravviva quotidianit che camminano nella penombra su binari che corrono paralleli all infinito, che devia anche solo per un momento il corso della vita, che modifica la rotta E pensando a quel cono di luce, a quel quadro in cui le ombre hanno la stessa importanza di quei particolari che vengono illuminati, esaltati, posti in evidenza, non posso fare a meno di pensare a Caravaggio, che con un particolare capace di illuminare una scena intera, anche se la maggior parte del quadro immerso nell ombra.Alice Munro ha il dono della chiarezza, della luminosit , la capacit di portare in superficie tutti quei pensieri e quelle incertezze che si agitano nell animo femminile, di raccontare tutto quello che le donne non dicono, di accendere una luce nell ombra e di guardarle dall interno.Le sue sono donne imperfette, ma belle proprio per questo, donne che in questi nove racconti si confrontano, ciascuna con una sua propria grazia e inadeguatezz...

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    Blowing in the windQuesti racconti di Alice Munro li ho trovati uno pi bello dell altro.Scritti con uno stile piano e diretto che trascina senza difficolt lungo il racconto, sono tuttavia ricchissimi L autrice ha una capacit straordinaria di catturare le sfumature pi sottili e ineffabili di certe situazioni, di certe emozioni, di certi tratti psicologici, di certi dolori e inquietudini, di certe piccole grandi gioie Li cattura e li traspone nel racconto in modo cos naturale che quello che ci scorre davanti agli occhi la pura e semplice realt , la realt del quotidiano, anche quando le situazioni narrate non sono esattamente eventi quotidiani, ma strane deviazioni, percorsi secondari possibili Ma tutto accade nel modo pi naturale Le sue donne, protagoniste prevalenti dei racconti, sono le donne pi tridimensionali che mai abbia incontrato in un libro.La Munro riesce esattamente ad afferrare qualcosa nell aria , come fa dire a uno dei suoi ...

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    This collection of stories by Alice Munro is typical of much of her work The stories are populated by people leading what looks on the surface like humdrum lives But just underneath the surface, strange feelings boil, ready to erupt when events occur which make this possible Munro has a lot of knowledge about the various types of relationships between men and women, how they can be built, twisted, broken and remade These are not h...

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    Reading Munro is daunting at first you can t read her stories like other people s I thought I could get through at my usual 75% concentration, skimming past the details of the cousin s wedding and blah blah other accessory nonsense But with Munro, nothing can be taken as accessory You ll read for three pages, realise you haven t been paying attention and that Munro won t throw you a pronoun other than she , and you re like, Who is she Ahhh, I ll keep reading for a few pages and pick it up , and then she kisses him and five years later he dies and the story ends.So I got to page 60, realised I wasn t picking up what was going on, and started again And suddenly I was trained to read Munro, and in so trained, I realised I could probably read just about any of her books, since all the stories are written in the same clear, conversational tone, dipping off the narrative for nanoseconds to add beautiful psychological insights about the characters and most of the time, by extension, about people you know.Sure, these stories are very Chekhovian, but never quite as tragic There is much life affirmation, slowing down to appreciate little moments in people s lives that at the time didn t seem so important but get them thinking hard decades later when they see a particular flower or fabric pattern that throws them back to their uncle s farm as kids Wonder for other lives unlived is never delive...

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    The first Munro that doesn t have a melancholic atmosphere but rather a humorous touch that seems to say hey, just flow with it, you never know where the tide will take you, so follow your impulses and it might be alright.Johanna is a maid who incidentlly crosses paths with Ken, the son in law, now recently widowed, of Johanna s employer She is plain, uninteresting and rather timid, so she is taken by surprise when a heated letter declaring passionate love from Ken reaches her What she can t know is that Ken s te...

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