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[[ KINDLE ]] ❄ Curse and Redemption Author Diane Tanner –

Curse and Redemption One Man S Curse Might Kill The One Woman Whose Love Could Save Him Jensen Embry Is Tormented By A Centuries Old Curse Placed On His Family S Name Forever Frozen In His Doomed Existence, Jensen Has Chosen To Cut Himself Off Socially Especially When The Curse Needs To Be Addressed As That Time Approaches, Anyone In His Presence Is Most Certainly In Immediate Danger From The Moment She Saw Him, Lani Saunders Was Instantly Attracted To Jensen But Knowing The Danger Inherent, Jensen Is Determined To Keep His Distance However When An Unfortunate Turn Of Events Leads Lani To Discover The Curse, Jensen Is Forced To Consider A Life Altering Decision Lani Knows That Her Association With Jensen Means Possibly Endangering Her Life, And Jensen Is Finding It Harder To Maintain His Distance As He Tries Desperately To Fight Feelings For A Love Beyond His Reach When The Unthinkable Happens, A Shocking Twist Of Fate Forces Lani To Realize That In Order For Her To Save The Life Of The Man She Loves, She May Ultimately End Up Sacrificing Her Own.

[[ KINDLE ]] ❄ Curse and Redemption  Author Diane Tanner –
  • ebook
  • Curse and Redemption
  • Diane Tanner
  • 27 December 2019
  • 9781460224922

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