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[Epub] ➞ The Daughters of the Moon ➟ Italo Calvino –

The Daughters of the Moon 23, 2009 IssueFiction, Short Story The Moon Is Old, Qfwfq Agreed, Pitted With Holes, Worn Out Rolling Naked Through The Skies, It Erodes And Loses Its Flesh Like A Bone That S Been Gnawed.Translated, From The Italian

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    Italo Calvino with a beautiful woman on top of a New York City building.ONE day towards the fag end of last year I was looking at some old issues articles of The New Yorker which, as most readers know, comes out from New York City I came upon a February 23, 2009 issue that had a short story titled The Daughters of the Moon by one Italo Calvino Yes, the same Italo Calvino of Invisible Cities , If on a Winter s Night a Traveller and The Baron in the Trees fame There was no stopping me now from reading the story.Flapper Girl in the Moon.Calvino wrote The Daughters of the Moon way back in 1968, a year prior to Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landing on the moon However, in the Italian writer s story no hero or even heroine of his lands on the moon It is the moon that is made to land on earth And how the moon is made to land on Planet Earth for that you have to read the story yourself I am one ho wants you to enjoy the story as much as possible However, I will definitely provide you some fabulous extracts so that it enhances your curiosity.Buzz Aldrin One of the first men on the moon on July 20, 1969 The Daughters of the Moon has a beautiful opening paragraph for a short story, one of the best that I have ever read Please go through it yourself and tell me whether I am wrong The moon is old, Qfwfq agreed, pitted with hol...

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    Qfwfq, an eternal character who lives through all the ages of the universe, is telling a fable about consumerism This tale is set in an undisclosed time in New York City where every object was thrown away at the slightest sign of breakage or aging, at the first dent or stain, and replaced with a new and perfect substitute But the one imperfect thing was the moon which was smaller and out of its orbit after being bombarded with meteorites The moon looked like a large pumice stone descending to the earth The city authorities were going to grab the moon with special machinery, and put it in a garbage dump But a cult of naked girl moon worshipers had other plans Considering how many times the naked girls are mentioned, Calvino may have been trying to get the attention of his male readers Since even the cities were disposable, changes were coming on the earth The ...

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    A link to Italo Calvino s short story The Daughters of the Moon in The New Yorker is available here of us will be discussing the story from May 8, 2019 here thoughts after having read the story Tell me, who today do...

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    I m not entirely sure where to place this Calvino short story, because it is just so odd Shall we call it magic realism, or fantasy It s somewhere along those lines Anyway, it doesn t really matter where it is placed, it is fascinating It is a story that deals with our over consumption, and there is a clear moral behind it Calvino is talking about the way our modern society has lost itself in the shops, and may be destroying itself and the planet because of that Th...

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    Deprived, as it was, of a covering of air to act as a protective shield, the moon found itself exposed right from the start to a continual bombardment of meteorites and to the corrosive action of the sun s rays According to Thomas Gold, of Cornell University, the rocks on the moon s surface were reduced...

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    Robert Coover reads Italo Calvino

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    From The New Yorker a short story from 1968, on consumerist culture, the preference of throwing things away in favour of the brand new Lamenting the ubiquity of junk There is an interesting open interpretation by Robert Coover at the end of the audio version I was struck by a couple of other ideas while listening The mammoth at the end seems important as signifying the very beginnings of the anthropocene with megafauna extinction, the first time humanity had a hand in the continuation of a species A reset of a cyclic repetition, the moons rebirth, back to natural lushness paradise back through to consumer thanksgiving parades and inevitably the junkyard and concrete drowned despair, a desert of artificiality..and begin again Amazing imagery of naked moonbathing lunar girls, surfing cars in pursuit, a pied pipered lust for the blue grey pumice light of th...

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    Source Narrated by Robert CooverThis is my first anything by Italo Calvino I ve been side stepping this author for a while now but The Daughters of the Moon drew me with its title Written in 1964 1965 as part of the Cosmicomics series of short stories, the Daughters of the Moon sees an alternate reality New York dealing with the presence of an ugly, decrepit Moon hanging over them in a society that prizes the new and throws the barely worn like so much thrash Their solution grab the moon out of the sky with a tailor made crane The audacity of it doesn t surprise me when I think about whats been done to the ground beneath our feet with mining equipment, not to mention the ocean floor There s some interesting imagery here Diana, the Roman mythological goddess of the hunt, moon, and nature makes an appearance along with a few other ladies who probably symbolize M...

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    This one was it from the same collection I ll never know There s the one my brother gave me and then every other collection I could get my grubby highschool hands on, and they all bleed together into a haze of joyous language and concep...

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    This was a pretty good story but I was a little confused by the very end That was probably just me, though, and I m not worried about it.

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