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[Reading] ➶ Seriously Dangerous Religion ➽ Iain W. Provan –

Seriously Dangerous Religion The Old Testament Is Often Maligned As An Outmoded And Even Dangerous Text Best Selling Authors Like Richard Dawkins, Karen Armstrong, And Derrick Jensen Are Prime Examples Of Those Who Find The Old Testament To Be Problematic To Modern Sensibilities Iain Provan Counters That Such Easy And Popular Readings Misunderstand The Old Testament He Opposes Modern Misconceptions Of The Old Testament By Addressing Ten Fundamental Questions That The Biblical Text Should And According To Provan Does Answer Questions Such As Who Is God And Why Do Evil And Suffering Mark The World By Focusing On Genesis And Drawing On Other Old Testament And Extra Biblical Sources, Seriously Dangerous Religion Constructs A Plausible Reading As It Turns Out, Provan Argues, The Old Testament Is Far Dangerous Than Modern Critics Even Suppose Its Dangers Are The Bold Claims It Makes Upon Its Readers.

[Reading] ➶ Seriously Dangerous Religion  ➽ Iain W. Provan –
  • Hardcover
  • 512 pages
  • Seriously Dangerous Religion
  • Iain W. Provan
  • 07 December 2018
  • 9781481300223

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    Seriously Dangerous Religion What the Old Testament Really Says and Why It MattersIain ProvanBaylor University PressOne Bear Place 97363 Waco, TX 76798 7363http ISBN 9781481300230 49.95 August 20145 Stars of 5 StarsHazarding Holy HistoryThe Old Testament receives a lot of flak It looks grisly, violent, vicious and unforgiving to many Then adding to the bad press it already gets, the new Atheists and others have taken great pleasure in painting it with even darker and starker colors On top of all this, Christians themselves either avoid the Old Testament at all costs, or shove it up the stairs into the attic where with the embarrassing family secrets it remains blanketed under dim light and chocking dust Unsatisfied with this treatment, Iain Provan, the Marshall Sheppard Professor of Biblical Studies at Regent College in Vancouver, has put forward a new 512 page hardback titled, Seriously Dangerous Religion What the Old Testament Really Says and Why It Matters In the book Provan dusts off this portion of the Bible and brings it back down the stairs for the family to face, and shows there s really nothing to be embarrassed about He also takes on not only the new Atheists, but several others who think that biblical Christianity is dangerous and deadly.Provan begins Seriously Dangerous Religion by describing four modern stories that seek to capture the West s center stage, three of which are attempting to displace, above all other sto...

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    This is an excellent read that demonstrates both depth and breath of knowledge in clear compelling prose Whether discussing Mesopotamian texts, Qur an, and other literature, Provan asks questions that matter in life and reveals what is at stake in taking the biblically rooted vision of reality ser...

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    Great reading Provan s style is noticeably artistic and rich Literarily, the reading is accessible and worth the time, either for a theologian, a regular Western citizen, or to someone with profound critics towards the god presented in the Old Testament Hebrew Scriptures The book explores these ancient texts in a thoughtful dialogue with its Ancient Near Eastern context, modern global biblical scholarship, contemporary literature, and Western Culture Two factors were particularly attractive to me One, I was raised as a Christian and always bore questions with the apparent ethical contradictions in the Bible, especially in the Old Testament For those who already have some knowledge of the Bible, Provan is a valuable tome Rather than avoiding the hard questions, he seeks them, and explore them in depth, with awareness of what s going on in global biblical scholarship, modern literature, and Western Culture The dialogue is fair and balanced, the outcomes are most of the time impressive and hardly dull I particularly disagreed with Iain Provan in some opinions about the Creation of man and woman.Two, the title is very suitable for Provan s proposal He convincingly argues that the Old Testament religion, seen through the lens of...

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    I want to be clear that this is not an atheist piece of scholarship This is a theological work for Christians and non Christians alike who are willing to test their salt against the interpretations of the masses Provan warns I recognize that I have as much chance of persuading such ideologically committed readers that there is reality outside their box as the lion Aslan had in The Last Battle of persuading the dwarves that there was a reality outside their stable. 27 I concur, it is that kind of scholarship To give an example, here s one of the passages that stuck to me Every human being, made in God s image, embodies God s presence in his temple cosmos and participates in his rule there In Genesis 2, in fact, the natural world is conceived of as coming into being only along with human beings, without whom it cannot function This dependence runs in both directions, for the human being is one with creation in being created she is one of the creatures into whose nostrils God has breathed the breath of life so that she becomes a living being 2 7 This same term a living being is used of the sea creatures 1 20 and the land animals and birds 2 19 , and in Genesis 7 22 the flood destroys everything...

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    Seriously Necessary BookI don t think enjoy is the right word to describe how I felt about this book I appreciated it and I feel much of what Provan has said is necessary in moving ahead in faith as individuals and as a community I appreciated the contrasts and comparisons with other faith systems Thos...

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    This new work expands on the ideas contained in Dr Iain Provan s earlier and much shorter work, Convenient Myths The Axial Age, Dark Green Religion and the World That Never Was, also published by Baylor Press last year.In this work, Iain reminds the reader that we are all caught up in some kind of story that shapes how we participate in life and from which we make sense of fundamental issues of being human and our place within the ongoing experience of life His core contention is that the Biblical story, as maligned as it is currently, continues to offer a better answer to a core set of foundation questions when read carefully and when contrasted with alternative responses to these core questions Ten questions form the outline of the chapters that follow including What is the world Who is God Who are Man and Woman Why do evil and suffering mark the world What am I to about evil and suffering How am I to relate to God How am I to relate to my neighbour How am I to relate to the rest of creation Which society should I be helping to build What am I to hope for Iain uses the early chapters of Genesis to provide insightful and compelling answers to these ques...

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    Iain Provan wrote this book to clarify that the purpose of the Bible is to answer religious and philosophical questions rather than historical and scientific questions He emphasizes the Old Testament in his discussion because of the unfortunate tendency to read the Old Testament only through the lens of the New Testament, rather than for its own sake p 13 He proceeds to make his case by demonstrating how the Old Testament answers ten important questions in Chapters 2 11 and by comparing the Old Testament s answers with those of the Ancient Near Eastern myths, ancient Greco Roman philosophies, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism and or modern religions During the course of this, he clearly demonstrates, among other things, that all religions are not basically the same.Chapter 12 gives a fuller answer to each of the ten questions that takes into account the New Testament I would have liked the book even if his...

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    The author is conscious of the competing narratives in our world that seek to account for reality and that in the minds of many, the Old Testament presents a particularly dated and even dangerous narrative This book is a response to that and the author does so by testing the Old Testament, not on the basis of small details but against the big questions on which all narratives should be tested Questions like What is the world Why do suffering and evil mark the world What am I to do about suffering and evil How am I to relate to my neighbour What society should I be helping to build There is lots of helpful interaction with the views of other religions One could argue that he made his task easier by skipping some of the problem texts or one could argue that he judiciously stuck to the big ideas that matter most.There is no attempt to prove a case here but he ...

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    Certainly in the top theology reads for me this year An integral biblical story stemming from the inherent goodness of God providing the ultimate reason and hope for healing of all broken relationships in humanity, society and the rest of creation Provan presents a coherent biblical story and makes it relevant for contemporary issues such as the ecological crises, the cheapness of human life and a casual attitude to human rights as well as politic...

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    This is an excellent read that demonstrates both depth and breath of knowledge in clear compelling prose Whether discussing Mesopotamian texts, Qur an, and other literature, Provan asks questions that matter in life and reveals what is...

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