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➱ Why Do Men Have Nipples? Read ➹ Author Vicar Michael –

Why Do Men Have Nipples?Why Do Men Have Nipples Has Been Written To Uncover The Truth About Human Creation And Thought Processes The Book Provides Interesting Facts And Asks Thought Provoking Questions Which In Many Cases Makes The Reader Discard The Programming In Their Computer Brain And Take A New Look At Life And Re Program The Brain The Book Contains Some Points That Will Make The Reader Laugh And Ask The Question Why Do Humans Behave The Way We Do And Think The Way We Think The Book Uncovers The Human Being As An Electronic Device Capable Of Mental And Physical Actions Associated With Human Made Electronic Devices Enjoy The Read Love Thy Neighbour Michael

➱ Why Do Men Have Nipples? Read ➹ Author Vicar Michael –
  • Paperback
  • 140 pages
  • Why Do Men Have Nipples?
  • Vicar Michael
  • English
  • 15 October 2019
  • 9781434316103

    10 thoughts on “➱ Why Do Men Have Nipples? Read ➹ Author Vicar Michael –

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    I ordered this book from my library expecting an Answer Your Weirdest Yet Intriguing Questions tell all book with a dash of humor and of course, medically accurate information.What I didn t expect was a book that frequently interjects with the barrage of questions with senseless and inane drivel in the form of a script between two people whom I will assume are both the author and another collaborator Seriously, what the hell was that shit It was stupid and senseless and NOT AT ALL FUNNY Think of a child who has ADHD, give them a 3 season DVD of SpongeBob SquarePants, then pump that child s brain full of adult knowledge and start er up, because what comes out of their faces and printed on the paper in this book makes less sense than the possibility of the aforementioned scenario ever happening As for the information and QA , it was informative, at least, to those who at the very least took extensive notes in human biology and read them like a Bible every night before going to bed, or even someone who has been through med school The author makes no efforts whatsoever to dumb down the medical jargon and official definitions of various diseases, body parts, and such that confuse the mass majority who don t have a medical dictionary or a spare...

  2. says:

    This book had a couple of interesting facts but it would periodically jump to a conversation between two people which literally had nothing to do about the book I think it was to try an add humor It made the book choppy and hard to read.

  3. says:

    Nice book about things we don t always think about when it comes to our body.

  4. says:

    Very interesting.

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