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★ We Go Liquid PDF / Epub ✪ Author Christian TeBordo –

We Go LiquidA Boy Receives An Email From His Mother Offering Free Movie Tickets Shortly After Her Death He Recognizes It For Spam, But Wishes She D Really Sent It He Responds, And Is Soon Barraged With Offers For Male Enhancements Drugs, Home Appliances, Mortgages, And Everything Else He Soon, He And His Father Are Swallowing All Manner Of Black Market Pharmaceuticals, Somehow Growing Closer Together As They Fall Apart, Each In His Own Way.

★ We Go Liquid PDF / Epub ✪ Author Christian TeBordo –
  • Paperback
  • 197 pages
  • We Go Liquid
  • Christian TeBordo
  • English
  • 06 March 2019
  • 9780977669332

    10 thoughts on “★ We Go Liquid PDF / Epub ✪ Author Christian TeBordo –

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    Coming of age yes Dreamy check Creepy uh huh Weird hell yes.As a coping mechanism, our 12 year old protagonist reinterprets the e mails of scam artists to be messages from his late mother After the free movie tickets, he borrows his father s credit card to buy male enhancement pills Upon discovering the drugs, his father buys into the idea as well, leaving his credit card for the son to purchase a plethora of pills and oddities from the dearly departed when he goes to his job While this works to close the gap that has been growing between them, they are both headed toward destruction and are clueless Their behaviors of both characters get very strange at this p...

  2. says:

    It took me way too long to get to reading this book, especially considering how much I enjoyed it TeBordo s recent work is not nearly as linear as We Go Liquid, so it was particularly nice to read it knowing what his future novels and ...

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    Mr TeBordo, a Philly friend, wrote this book in 2005 It s really consistently dramatized and readable, narrated by a 12 year old boy so it has a sort of YA feel, especially since the language is controlled and spare ish, method acting the voice of a boy who receives spam e mails from his dead mother that he believes might actually be from beyond the grave As he starts responding to these e mails, the book really admirably sticks to its guns, stays focused, makes sense up until a point in terms of its patiently skewed progression, as the boy and his father try to cut through the crap of life A slant portrait of the artist as ...

  4. says:

    I liked the structure the book was written in I do feel the ending could have been stronger and the narrator could have been specific in many ways All and all an okay book Cool for something to read if you like anonymous figures.

  5. says:

    Not that this wasnt an easy enough read but i honestly cannot tell you what the story is about This was a strange and rather pointless read.

  6. says:

    Stark and beautiful story about a boy who gets spam email from his dead mother I really enjoyed this read.

  7. says:

    It s still on my to read list because I can never get past page 13 without seeing my eyes fall out onto the floor in a watery watery mess It makes me cry.

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    yup, recommended by

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