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Abolition of Work and Other EssaysTan Estimulante Como Contagioso, Este Texto Escrito En 1985 Sigue Conservando Intacta La Fuerza Para Impulsar Nuestras Vidas Hacia Una B Squeda De La Plenitud Y Hacer Frente A La Mutilaci N Que Nos Impone La Econom A A Estas Alturas Del Siglo XXI, La Obra De Bob Black Sigue Siendo Una Herej A Para Muchos Para Nosotros La Abolici N Del Trabajo Es Adem S De Un Armonioso Canto A La Vida Un Monumental Corte De Mangas Al Orden Mental Establecido.Dar De Nuevo Esta Obra A La Imprenta, En Este Momento En El Que Muchos De Nosotros Nos Estamos Quedando Sin Ese Trabajo Que Nos Sirve Para Ganarnos La Vida Perdi Ndola, No Es Una Provocaci N Sino Una Invitaci N A No Esperar A Que No Se Sabe Qu Fantasma Financiero Nos Salve De La Cat Strofe M S Absoluta.La Edici N De Este Libro Que Ser A De Obligada Lectura En Un Curso De Educaci N General B Sica Revolucionaria Que Ofrecemos Ahora Cuenta Con Una Nueva Traducci N De Federico Corriente Y Con Un Ep Logo De Julius Van Daal Quien, Con La Agudeza De Una Daga, Clava Su Proclama Sobre La Abolici N Del Trabajo En El Aqu Y Ahora De La Discusi N Sobre El Empleo Y El Desempleo Van Daal Ya Es Conocido Entre Los Lectores De Pepitas, Pues Hemos Publicado Su Bello Como Una Prisi N En Llamas Y Pr Ximamente Haremos Lo Propio Con La C Lera De Ludd.

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    El trabajo es perjudicial para la salud Es m s, el trabajo es asesinato en masa o genocidio Directa o indirectamente, el trabajo matar a la mayor a de las personas que lean estas palabras Rese a en espa ol Review in English below La Abolici n del Trabajo es un ensayo anarquista irreverente, honesto y divertid simo, que se hace partidario del derecho a la pereza Aunque se queda un poco desactualizado en algunos aspectos escrito en la primera mitad de los a os 80 , muchas ideas se pueden seguir extrapolando al momento actual, y en este hecho es donde produce entre gracia y miedo A modo de ep logo, esta edici n consta adem s del ensayo Lo que no hay que confundir en cuanto a esclavitud asalariada y rechazo del trabajo del franc s Julius Van Daal Son dos ensayos muy cortitos, as que no os quiero contar mucho m s para no destriparos lo que pod is leer aqu dentro.Recomendado si os interesa leer y saber m s sobre filosof a anarquista y anticapitalista The Abolition of Work is an irreverent, honest and hilarious anarchist essay that advocates the right to laziness Although it s a bit outdated in some aspects written in the first half of the 80s , many ideas can be extrapolated to the current time, and in this fact is ...

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    Black s titular essay has the verve and wit to arrest even the casual reader One example which comes to mind is the re assertion of the right to be lazy Nonetheless, Black s assertions on work come from a fundamentally flawed conceptual conflation of alienated labor with labor as productive activity For instance, its pitting of work against play which comes from a rich anarchist tradition of similar concepts was given no concrete foundations or even examples Black s play might in fact be referring to un alienated work, if such thing is possible in a system as total as capitalism The term becomes much problematic if we figure in the newer forms of labor such as freelance and online work where play might manifest in the form of creativity in finding work, in establishing an edge over other workers, or even in hacking one...

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    Haiii hanya ingin menginformasikan buku ini sudah diterjemahkan oleh seorang kawan dalam bahasa Indonesia dan sebentar lagi akan diterbitkan loh Tunggu aja yahhhhA job that might engage the energies of some people, for a reasonably limited time, for the fun of it, is just a burden on those who have to do it for forty hours a week with no say in how it should be done, for the profit of owners who contribute nothing to the project, and with no opportunity for sharing tasks or spreading the work among those who actually have to do it This is the real world of work a world of bureaucratic blundering, of sexual harassment and discrimination, of bonehead bosses exploiting and scapegoating their subordinates who by any rational technical criteria should be calling the shots But capitalism in the real world subordinates the rational maximization of productivity and profit to the exigencies of organizational control.Because of work, no matter what we do we keep looking at out watches The...

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    No, no es una invitaci n a la vagancia ni al oblomovismo Es un llamado a la reflexi n frente a las disimuladas cadenas de la obligaci n laboral impuestas por el modelo econ mico a darnos cuenta de la falacia del tiempo libre un lapso que no es enteramente de disfrute sino la mezquina excusa para recuperarse del trabajo impuesto y dilatar as la aparici n de aver as en el esclavo Es...

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    Aside from the title essay, which is indisputably awesome and important and I m sure his most enduring work, I can only adequately represent Black in his own words Those on the receiving end of coercion don t quibble over their coercers credentials If you can t pay or don t want to, you don t much care if your deprivation is called larceny or taxation or restitution or rent If you like to control your own time, you distinguish employment from enslavement only in degree and duration Terrorism is not so much a matter of mayhem and murder as it is of sartorial correctness Soldiers are terrorists who were careful to dress for success BLOOD BANK Is there any other kind THE BORN AGAIN Twice too often CIVILIZATION The biosphere s skin disease CLASS WAR The war to end all wars DISEASE Very dangerous a leading cause of doctors FEMINISM Equality with m...

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    Bob Black is a man, surrounded by controversy, much of his own making He often skewers the sacred cows of the anarchist millieu Many people despise him for his numerous outrages and outrageous behavior Despite his lack of judgement, he often is an entertaining writer and critical thinker This book is a collection of his writing from the early to mid 1980 s The Abolition of Work and the preface to the Right to be Lazy deal with how work degrades our lives Both of these essays are pretty honest assements and are worthwhile for their insights.There s an article about his beef with Processed World magazine, a review of Conan the Barbarian, positive thinking conferences, the Church of the Sub genius, Libritarian fallacies and others.His word play can get a bit tedious and his abrasiveness can be off puting at times but this book was pretty readable My main complaint i...

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    La alternativa a trabajar no es el ocio s lamente Ser l dico no es ser est tico Aunque valoro el placer de la pereza, nunca es mas satisfactoria que cuando sirve de intermedio entre otros placeres y pasatiempos Tampoco promuevo esa v lvula de seguridad disciplinada y gerenciada llamada tiempo libre nada de eso El tiempo libre es no trabajar por el bien del trabajo El tiempo libre es tiempo gastado en recobrarse del trabajo, y en el fren...

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    It s an interesting read, if not only for the variety of references he makes to other authors on the subject But it comes off as an articulated version of a childish rant rather than a persuasive argument It elucidates why we would be better off without work, and stipulates some negatives to working, but does little to show ...

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    this book had a huge impact on me a long time ago and although i am fully in the midst of a lifelong plan for wage slavery, i can credit it with some of the amazing and uncommon freedom i have had the privilege to experience.

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    You can never be the same after reading this Black s rhetoric has a clean sharp edge It goes straight to be point, with some dose of sarcasm and a lot of insightful provocation For another tone, different arguments and insights as good, read the great Pour la vie of Alexandra David N el.

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