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Wicked NightsLeader Of The Most Powerful Army In The Heavens, Zacharel Has Been Deemed Nearly Too Dangerous, Too Ruthless And If He Isn T Careful, He Ll Lose His Wings But This Warrior With A Heart Of Ice Will Not Be Deterred From His Missions At Any Cost Until A Vulnerable Human Tempts Him With A Carnal Pleasure He S Never Known Before.Accused Of A Crime She Did Not Commit, Annabelle Miller Has Spent Four Years In An Institution For The Criminally Insane Demons Track Her Every Move, And Their King Will Stop At Nothing To Have Her Zacharel Is Her Only Hope For Survival, But Is The Brutal Angel With A Touch As Hot As Hell Her Salvation Or Her Ultimate Damnation

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    4 starsWicked Nights, is the first book of Angels of The Dark, spin off series from Lords of The Underworld.Annabelle Miller accused as murderer, and insane 4 years after the the death of her parents, now she become patient of asylum and endure humiliating things done to her while she actually innocent Worse, demon track her everywhere, and she never know why Since Annabelle just a mere human All change after she met this cold than ice angel, Zacharel.Zacharel is one of the warrior angels and we know about him from Amun s book, The Darkest Secret His Deity is disappointed with Zacharel s act to murder demon possesed people,even they proven innocent Zacharel must lead bad behaving angel army or they all will fallen and succumb to the darkness First meet with Annabelle rose his long dead emotion and passion Even then he realize Annabele had been marked by High Lord Demon and become its consort, no demons or angels can t stop him to claim Annabelle as his Now,with demon hot in their tails, Zacharel and Annabelle must find whose demon that target her and ready to face the big war at Heaven and Hell.Yes, Gena never disappoint me But I hope she not use the same theme human immortal , since the ending is easily predictable.Its make me a little bored since I will know what happen in the end, even Gena give readers some twist that lead us to the next book, Beauty Awakened.What I love from this book is t...

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    Annabelle was tricked by a demon and everything change in her life.This demon accomplished not only to destroy her family but also her life.Now she is enclosed in an institution and her sick doctor violates her instead of helping her.Here you are completely at my mercy.You are mine to do as I pleaseand I please plenty.However, he is not her only problem.Creature from the underworld are coming for her and she must fight them in order to survive.Zacharel is assigned to teach the rebelious angels resp...

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    checks cover checks blurb I thought this was a romance 261 pages and NO sexy times I m done DNF.Seriously, NO ROMANCE needs to be over 400 pages long The story CAN T be that good, and it isn t here Seriously Most of this is filler.I can t even be bothered to find the scene where they FINALLY consummate their twu wuv So boring.It started good, but then filler Major padding Around chapter seventeen, the demons came in and I think it started to get better, but I just didn t care any.The other angels kind of intrigued me, but I have no interest in continuing the series I know Gena Showalter has another series LOTU This was my first book by her and probably my last It ended up being just another boring, formulaic PNR I m about to write off the whole genre There is nothing wrong with the writing, but there is nothing special about it, and I just don t care.If you are into PNR and like bad boy angels, you ll probably like this But this is NOT smutty So don t be expecting ...

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    Final rating 5 5 stars It shall be my pleasure to remedy it First, it is not your strength or your speed that draws me It s your everything Your laugh, your wit, your emotions and the way they change Your courage, your sweetness, your near obsessive delight in cookies Second, you are indeed a prize You ve made me want what no one else ever had A communion of bodies update I did some editing of the review on 17 10 14 One word AMAZING I felt skeptical about reading it, mostly because it s connected to Lords of the Underworld Actually, only the characters are connected with LoU so it really isn t necessary to read LOU first But because of this book i will definitely read LOU now And it s my first Gena Showalter experience Anyway, this story was sweet, funny and sometimes tragic, but still amazing book The characters were just so intriguing and i can t wait to read about them The world building is quite interesting, and i liked Hierarchy and i really loved Army of Disgrace This is a story of Angels and Demons, or actually Sent Ones and Demons There is a certain hierarchy The Most High ruled the heavens Me...

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    Actual Rating 4.5 What I really loved about Wicked Nights was the slow building of the romance The change in Zacharel, his curiosity, Anabelle s determination, her tenacity To be honest it s a slow read, an introduction to the world of the Angels of the Dark, but I found I did not mind I didn t want to jump into a story where I had no idea what was going on and everything needed to be explained at once so I could play catch up, making it even confusing Heartbreaking as it is heartwarming, Gena Showalter brings us another amazing series, and beautiful angels on the brink of destruction with no hope for redemption Zacharel, leader of the Army of Disgrace, as his fellow brethren have deemed them, is a cold, heartless, and emotionless angel When we first met Zacharel in The Darkest Secret, I was immediately intrigued He is as beautiful and magnetic as he is cold and callous But how can an angel who is suppose to be kind, compassionate, and caring be so heartless What has made this angel so icy When I discovered ...

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    HOW has this book gotten so many 4 and 5 star reviews The characters were flat and underdeveloped, the dialogue didn t flow, the sex scenes were lukewarm at best, the overuse of ellipses throughout the book bugged the crap out of me, and the and oh s plaguing the book all 16 of them were highly annoying Like this A long, white robe draped him, somehow displaying his incredible strength, and oh, oh, oh, but he had brought the chill of the Arctic with him All those oh s are unnecessary and quite frankly, jarred me out the flow of reading Now am I being a little nitpicky Probably But I can overlook stuff like this if the writing is solid, and unfortunately, Ms Showalter s writing just isn t.All that stuff aside, the WORST part of this book was the purple prose, most of which didn t even make a damn lick of sense An actual quote from the book Her tongue rolled against his, bringing with it the tastes of summer berries dipped in cream, newly blooming roses and sultry midnights Seriously Showalter s comparing the taste of Annabelle s tongue to sultry midnights SERIOUSLY That s AWFUL writing right there, not to mention it doesn t make any freaking sense.How about this one A decadent fire consumed her in seconds, burning her up A fire cannot be decadent This is absurd, and makes me wonder if Ms Showalter even knows the meaning of the word.I was not impressed with the first book in the LOTU series, but I was willing to give the author another try I should ve stuck with my gu...

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    Eating strawberries I literally stopped my hand midway to my mouth and stared.

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    Loved this book Loved this couple Just LOVED

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    2.5 starsZacharel s appearance in The Darkest Seduction really intrigued me to read his story I pre ordered his book in January, and after months of waiting, I was looking forward to knowing ultracold Zacharel s behaviour in romantic situations Wicked Nights is the first installment of the Angels of the Dark series, which is a Lords of the Underworld spin off Zacharel was always enigmatic, and although in his book I get to know a lot of things about him, I still don t feel him close to me It is absolutely Zacharel s book The story revolves around his life, his deeds, and his future Someone wants to take revenge on him, wants him to pay for a deed he was forced to do long time ago Although Zacharel did his best, he unintentionally hurt this person Since then, he suffers extremely because of it, and is sentenced to slow death himself.Meanwhile, his Deity wants to teach him a lesson about the true essence of their mission, their true task Zacharel hopes to be a member of the Elite Seven, but as yet he is not aware of the basic id...

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    Maybe the worst book I have read this year I m no literary expert, I read fluff, smut, smuff, I read romance, scifi, fantasy, urban fantasy and I ll be the first to admit my tastes aren t very glamorous I m not that hard to please So when I pick up a book like this and it is so resoundingly awful, I feel it is my duty to let everyone know I wanted to put this book down when I was 70% of the way in, which is very very rare for me I ended up finishing it just so I could write this scathing review.In general, this author tries to be gritty, dirty and bad, she was trying to write this story about the ugly side of heaven or soemthing in that vein She s too cutesy, and fluffy, and it didn t work It was like she was trying to be JR Ward or Ilona Andrews, but just paled in comparison.First, the circumstances that got Annabelle into that institute for the criminally insane were just dumb On the day she turned 18, this girl supposedly killed her parents with a knife and chopped their bodies up in daylight , then she called 911 and sat over her brother until they came They got her because she had a knife in her hand that she had grabbed to protect herself, after her parents were murd...

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