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Memories It Is The Shop Of Memories Its Stores Are What Moments We Collect Through Our Lives, Those Which Gather Dust Or Glory On The Shelves Of Our Mind Some Are Forgotten, Some Boxed Away Some Touted As The Very Best Of Our Life Every Article Has Meaning, Every Clipping, Sensation The Store Changes For Each Person What Will You See On Its Shelves What Will You Find In Its Intimate Interior This Is A Story That Wishes To Be True.In This New Short Story By Alex Hurst, The Meanings Of The Words We Use For Loved Ones Are Explored, As Well As The Value Of The Memories We Hold Dear After Death, A Woman Peruses The Aisles Of Her Life S Memories, Recalling The Lost, Forgotten And Cherished Moments Of Her Life She Is Allowed To Take One Item With Her When She Passes On, And The Path To That Choice Is One Of Love, Happiness And Heartbreak.2nd Edition Now Includes An Afterword By The Author, Corrections To The Kindle Formatting, As Well As Formerly Missing Front Matter None Of The Story S Content Has Changed.Approximately 3,500 Words.

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    Note This review will be full of spoilers The work is short enough that there s no practical way to talk about aspects of it without actually talking about those aspects of it.In Memories, author Alex Hurst has given us a bitter sweet story of love and its importance no matter what kinds of gender boundaries may exist From that perspective, it is well worth reading, this look back through the important moments of two lives that have come together It s sweet and it s sad, and it could, really, be the lives of any two people that have come together in love and lived out their lives that way, which is where the power of the story comes from.However, I found the vehicle for that story to be distracting And, actually, unconvincing But, first, there is a brief introduction for the audience that spells out what s going on which I also thought detracted from the story The story itself is really one of discovery or, actually, re discovery by the story teller I think introducing the story to the audience by telling us that she has entered a shop of memories takes that journey of discovery away from the audience, removing some of the power the story could have a...

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    I enjoyed this story It was an interesting perspective A comfortable read that left me thinking when I finished.

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