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[Ebook] ↠ Saints of the Shadow Bible Author Ian Rankin –

Saints of the Shadow BibleRebus And Malcolm Fox Go Head To Head When A 30 Year Old Murder Investigation Resurfaces, Forcing Rebus To Confront Crimes Of The PastRebus Is Back On The Force, Albeit With A Demotion And A Chip On His Shoulder He Is Investigating A Car Accident When News Arrives That A Case From 30 Years Ago Is Being Reopened Rebus S Team From Those Days Is Suspected Of Helping A Murderer Escape Justice To Further Their Own Ends.Malcolm Fox, In What Will Be His Last Case As An Internal Affairs Cop, Is Tasked With Finding Out The Truth Past And Present Are About To Collide In Shocking And Murderous Fashion What Does Rebus Have To Hide And Whose Side Is He Really On His Colleagues Back Then Called Themselves The Saints, And Swore A Bond On Something Called The Shadow Bible But Times Have Changed And The Crimes Of The Past May Not Stay Hidden Much Longer And May Also Play A Role In The Present, As Scotland Gears Up For A Referendum On Independence Allegiances Are Being Formed, Enemies Made, And Huge Questions Asked Who Are The Saints And Who The Sinners And Can The One Ever Become The Other

[Ebook] ↠ Saints of the Shadow Bible Author Ian Rankin –
  • Hardcover
  • 389 pages
  • Saints of the Shadow Bible
  • Ian Rankin
  • English
  • 28 August 2019
  • 9780316224550

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    If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.What s a rebus The first time I came across the term was in a Stieg Larsson s novel, where he used it as a possible explanation for a mathematical equation.Allow...

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    Scottish detective John Rebus returns for the nineteenth time in this gripping tale in which both the character and the story are as fresh and entertaining as they were in the first Rebus novel, Knots and Crosses, which was published in 1987.Rebus is considerably older by now, but just as cantankerous and just as grimly determined to pursue his own path to justice irrespective of what his superiors might think A few years ago, Rebus reached mandatory retirement age and had to leave the force, but he managed to return as the member of a cold case squad, which was open to retired detectives Now that the law has been changed, he is able to return to the regular force, albeit at a lower rank The latter matters little to Rebus who is simply grateful to be back in the game.As the book opens, Rebus is charged with investigating an auto accident involving the daughter of a wealthy and powerful businessman The daughter, who is dating the son of a prominent politician, was found in the driver s seat of the wreck...

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    When Rebus returned following retirement, in Standing in Another Man s Grave, I was pleased to see him back but a little disappointed with the result This time around, now demoted to sergeant but no longer working cold cases, it s much like the rough hewn Rebus of old I loved it It s complex and dual plotted as Rebus probes a routine but slightly dodgy road accident and Malcolm Fox Rankin s Internal Affairs investigator followed in a separate series examines a 30 year old case in which Rebus is potentially implicated in tainting a murder trial Old allegiances are tested as Rebus is forced to juggle his loyalty to former colleagues against his thirst to impose the rule of law The alliance between Rebus and Fox strays perilously close to friendship at times as Rebus agrees to help unearth the truth But, for me, there is always just enough tension here to prevent their relationship feeling false, or forced This series is set in real time and the authenticity of this is highlighted by references to current or recent events such as the Scottish Independence Referendum and, importantly for the plot, recent changes in Scottish law creating exemptions in cases of...

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    Rebus is back, as flawed and wonderful as ever Multiple plots emerge, multiple officers seek solutions, and Rebus belligerently disobeys orders and winds his way through the morass to develop new leads and confront suspects, including police with whom he worked three decades before Serious questions are raised over police tactics that take the law into their own hands The reader is left to decide when, if ever, such approaches are justified.Underlying the action are pointed and sometimes disturbing observations on the terrors of aging and the wo...

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    In this 19th book in the Inspector Rebus series, Rebus investigates a suspicious car accident and comes under investigation for police misconduct that occurred three decades ago The book can be read as a standalone, but familiarity with the characters is a bonus John Rebus, previously retired, is back working for the CID in Scotland Having accepted a demotion Rebus is now supervised by his previous mentee Detective Inspector Siobhan Clarke They re investigating a car accident in which Jessica Traynor, the daughter of influential businessman Owen Traynor, was injured Jessica claims she was the sole occupant of the crashed car but Rebus and Siobhan suspect someone else may have been driving perhaps her boyfriend Forbes McCuskey, son of the Justice Minister Meanwhile, Rebus and his former colleagues are being investigated by Inspector Malcolm Fox, who probes charges of police misconduct Fox is looking into a 30 year old murder case that occurred during Rebus s first posting at Summerhall The murderer, Billy Saunders, escaped prosecution because the shady police badly mishandled the case Rebus was a junior office...

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    Review to come

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    Let us count the ways that Ian Rankin s antisocial Scottish police detective, John Rebus, is worth following, book after book Saints of the Shadow Bible is the 19th in the Rebus series He is delightfully contrarian, always finding openings to new perspectives in the cracks between revealed facts, and thus he frequently surprises.His dialogue with his longtime partner now his superior , Siobhan Shiv Clarke, is so palpably believable that you can picture yourself in the room hearing their conversation.He lives in the real world in real time, aging as the years go by and none too gracefully and confronting the many changes in Scotland as it grows ever richer from North Sea oil.Two novels ago, Rebus was on his way to retirement, but he proves too resilient, and too ornery, for that In Saints of the Shadow Bible, Rebus, now demoted to Detective Sergeant under his mentee Clarke, a Detective Inspector, is perched precariously in a crime fighting unit whose boss would rather he worked somewhere else In his own way, Rebus obliges him, by intervening in two seemingly unrelated investigations that keep him out of the of...

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    Rankin neatly dovetails two series those featuring Inspector Rebus of the Edinburgh Police and Malcolm Fox of the Complaints , and in this latest novel the longtime adversaries work together to solve a cold case involving Rebus s old associates in the police force.Rebus has come out of retirement to work on unsolved crimes but finds himself involved in a new case as well Siobhan Clark has taken over Rebus old role as Detective Inspector and now commands Rebus, rather than the other way around But the two fit together like hand and glove, and with Malcolm Fox due to return to the police force after his stint in the Complaints, the three of them are like Han...

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    John Rebus is back again, again, but this time he s back on the police force and demoted down to DS, which his friend and comrade Siobhan, now a DI, likes to remind him of every so often In jest of course.He s really on form this time and I loved every minute of it As ever, the plot revolves around current events that concern Scotland but with a killer plot to go with it I liked that Rebus and Fox join forces, I wondered when that would happen and I hope that they continue to have adventures in the future as Fox just got a whole lot cooler I hope the three of them stick around for a while, at least until Rebus finally retires, as Edinburgh will be a safer place with them around It s the little details that I love Rebus is like a bloodhound when he s on a case but can also provide with some light relief, such as his insistence on biscuits in a meeting or asking out a woman in the most inopportune moment You get to know the other characters quickly and then you rattle on wit...

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    Conspiracies, connections and coincidences, says Malcolm Fox, Rankin s younger detective who has been brought on the scene to replace the aging Rebus and who teams up for the first time with the old curmudgeon to solve a double murder, and those three Cs become the modus operandi of this book.The plot is rather sketchy There are actually two plots one dating back to the 80 s when a young Rebus was introduced to a secret police team, Saints of the Shadow Bible, that used unconventional methods to bring criminals to justice the other is set in the present when Rebus has returned from retirement out of boredom and rejoined the force as a DS Detective Sergeant, a step down from his former Detective Inspector role and is investigating a routine car accident involving some college students DI Fox is investigating misdemeanours conducted by the Saints and hooks onto Rebus as his link into the past and into the group Very soon, murder is introduced to both investigations And some of the characters from both cases overlap, making one wonder whether the two puzzles are connected Thereafter, we go through endless cups of tea, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes and the workings of the police procedural, where plodding and dull work eventually produce results, especially when Rebus begins to see conspiracies, connections and coincidences in random events that others bypass It was as if Rankin sat down with his 14 sect...

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