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[[ EPUB ]] ✶ Usagi Yojimbo, Book 10: Brink of Life and Death Author Stan Sakai –

Usagi Yojimbo, Book 10: Brink of Life and DeathJoin Usagi Yojimbo In His Hare Raising Adventures Of Life And Death Watch As He Faces Assassins, Medicine Peddlers, Bat Ninjas, And This Is A Story Of Honor And Adventure It S A Masterful Adaptation Of Samurai Legend To Sequential Art Dark Horse Is Proud To Present This Epic Story Of Good Versus Evil Sakai S Unique Blend Of Storytelling And Japanese Legend Has Made A Unique Niche For Itself.

[[ EPUB ]] ✶ Usagi Yojimbo, Book 10: Brink of Life and Death Author Stan Sakai –
  • Paperback
  • 117 pages
  • Usagi Yojimbo, Book 10: Brink of Life and Death
  • Stan Sakai
  • English
  • 23 April 2017
  • 9781569712979

    10 thoughts on “[[ EPUB ]] ✶ Usagi Yojimbo, Book 10: Brink of Life and Death Author Stan Sakai –

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    Usagi Yojimbo, on the surface is a simple concept Anthropomorphic animals in 16th century Edo Japan with the narrative centering around a Long Eared Samurai , a Rabbit the eponymous Usagi of the title Usagi,literally means Rabbit in Japanese and Yojimbo refers to Bodyguard Rabbit Bodyguard It mixes several references to the Samurai films of Kurosawa with a deliberate homage to the great samurai swordsman Miyamoto Musashi while treading its own unique path There really isn t another comic like it on the stands and Sakai has been writing, plotting and drawing this gem for the past twenty five years or sticking to what must seem like a cutthroat monthly schedule He makes it all look so easy which just proves it probably isn t Usagi is a Ronin a masterless Samurai He wanders the land on a Warriors Pilgrimage, honing his mind and his sword A near master swordsman, Usagi practices a unique fighting style His gentle demeanor, humble bearing and diminutive frame often leads his adversaries to underestimate him to their detriment The Kill Bill films of Tarantino cente...

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    It is genuine joy to watch Sakai grow as a storyteller and artist Having now read the first 10 volumes of Usagi Yojimbo, as the title went from Fantagraphics to Mirage to its current home at Dark Horse, I ve seen Usagi stories shift from unconnected one offs to an ever expanding, highly consistent world I really love the way the stories have begun developing, particularly in this volume.This is the first book that truly begins to feel like a serial As I mentioned in my review of Book 9, it s nice to see the consequences of previous stories carry over into the current ones But in this volume, Sakai starts doing something else He s throwing in Easter eggs, building tension with hints of what s to come, giving weight to the actions of each and every character Usagi Yojimbo no longer feels like just...

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    Absolutely wonderful The Noodles storyline did something none of the others had yet, I not only was interested enough to be entertained, I was moved by the events of the story Comics are often entertaining, sometimes they re clever enough, and cool enough to be r...

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    This volume was a joy to read It s been a few months since I picked up an Usagi Yojimbo trade, but as I read through this one I kept thinking to myself Has it always been THIS great Although I ve thoroughly enjoyed every preceding story, Sakai just seems to keep getting better The art particularly the landscapes are even beautifully and clearly drawn than usual The cast of interesting recurring characters...

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    Un ensemble d histoire courte pas forc ment homog ne.On y retrouve par exemple Kitsun dans une histoire clairement ignoble avec le nauvre Noodles qui se fait crucifier , ou les ninjas chauve souris la recherche d un secret qui pourrait leur co ter cher.Une ou deux histoires se d tachent pour moi D abord la premi re mettant en sc ne les p cheurs d algues, qui est nouveau l occas...

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    Citliv sestaven a d ky tomu vyv en sb rka, kde je od ka d ho typu Usagiho dobrodru stv zda il z stupce A tak tu m me kr tk pov dky i dlouh p b hy rozv jej c hlavn d jovou linku, d jepisn nikam se ne enouc pohled jak to tenkr t chodilo v tom kter m zam stn n stejn jako akc nabitou samurajskou vyb jenou a do toho n jak ten atmosf rick kaidan i p b h cti i pomsty Ov em jakkoli zda il , tak v z sad nemlich to sam , co ve ker p edchoz i n sleduj c Usagiho sb r...

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    My favorite Usagi Yojimbo volume thus far There s a je ne sais quoi improvement in the tightness of the art and especially the plot Usagi is always moving forward, there s always an outgoin...

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    There s some good stuff in here Noodles is by far the best, most emotionally engrossing story of this collection, the Inazuma stories introduce us to a new, formidable frenemy for Usagi, and the Black Soul story reminds us that SPOILERS is still out there I m 10 volumes ...

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    Petualangan Usagi Yojimbo berlanjut, dari membantu para petani kaiso ganggang sampai menumpas makhluk gaib Saya sendiri paling suka dengan kisahnya bersama para petani kaiso Meskipun tidak sarat aksi pertempuran, saya belajar banyak tentang p...

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    Buku 3 versi terbitan Gramedia, tapi kalau menurut seri aslinya sih adalah book 10 Masih berisi petualangan Usagi dan teman temannya, tp sedikit terganggu karena nggak kenal sama mereka, mungkin muncul...

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